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The restaurant industry is a highly competitive one. If you plan to start a restaurant or a food service facility, you should be well-prepared to deal with a number of challenges to attract more diners and remain compliant with building and fire safety codes. Whether it is the design-build, restoration, or remodeling of a restaurant, it is important to rely only on a company that has several years of professional and qualified experience in the field. Otherwise, you might end up with a number of issues, face heavy penalties or even have to shut down business altogether.

As an entrepreneur or an aspiring restaurant owner, you might ask yourself this question – “How to find a professional restaurant design and construction company in or near my location?” If you are in Denver, CO, you should head straight to Hood Builder for the construction of a new restaurant facility or remodeling an existing one in conformity with state laws and codes.

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Common Issues with Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen requires regular attention and maintenance. This is the space where a large volume of food preparation and cooking is done on an everyday basis. If the kitchen facility does not have an efficient and functional design, multiple problems will arise over time. 

Poor Ventilation:

Production of a large amount of heat and smoke from cooking makes the kitchen atmosphere uncomfortable. When it comes to restaurant build up and design, installing an effective ventilation system is of utmost importance. A proper ventilation system will remove all the contaminated indoor air and replace it with fresh air from outside. Well-ventilated restaurants will offer comfort for the staff and attract more and more diners.

At the Hood Builder, we always ensure that your restaurant is designed and constructed in a way, which ensures proper ventilation and keeps the commercial kitchen free from heat, smoke, and odor.

Lack of Storage:

Insufficient storage in commercial kitchens can lead to a great deal of chaos and take a toll on operational efficiencies. When building or remodeling a large kitchen or restaurant facility, it is extremely important to make efficient use of the entire space, horizontal and vertical, to provide adequate storage of food items and all the necessary equipment.

As a highly experienced restaurant builder, we offer restaurant designs with a lot of storage space to ensure food preparation and cooking are performed in a smooth manner without any kind of issues.

Insufficient Lighting:

If the restaurant does not get adequate natural light, you will need to install brighter LED or CFL lights. Whether it is the dining area or the kitchen itself, having a sufficient amount of light is essential. It is the job of an experienced restaurant builder to assess the specific needs of a food service facility and then come up with an effective lighting plan. Lighting does not just illuminate a space, but it also provides a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Our restaurant design and remodeling services focus on lighting up a restaurant in an effective and correct manner. The right lighting will create a calm atmosphere for diners and make it easy for the staff to work. 

Fire Prevention:

Fire safety and prevention is crucial part of a restaurant design project. Constant build up of grease creates a risk of fire in a commercial kitchen. You can deal with this problem by investing in an innovative fire suppression system as well as cleaning the system in a timely manner. The kitchen fire system has to be a highly active one, so as to identify the risk of a fire much before it gets a chance to spread and cause damage to people and assets.

Hood Builder specializes in the installation of a wide range of fire suppression systems as per the specific needs of your commercial kitchen, cafeteria, or dining facility. Our experts will perform the entire project in accordance with the NFPA fire safety guidelines to help you remain law-compliant.

If the design of a restaurant is not expertly planned, facility managers will face all these problems and many more. When setting up or remodeling a restaurant, careful attention needs to be paid to every crucial aspect of the facility. Our team of restaurant builders has extensive experience in building large food service facilities while fulfilling all the key requirements for storage, ventilation, fire protection, lighting as well as all specialty equipment needs.

Restaurant Construction and Design

Building a restaurant in the United States means you will be competing with more than 650,000 other restaurants. Unless you hire a team of experts, you will have a hard time leading your business to success.

Designing a restaurant is a long and strenuous procedure. If you plan to build a unique and attractive facility, you should work with experienced restaurant contractors and builders, who will pay serious attention to every crucial aspect of the facility while adhering to the industry best practices. The layout will vary depending on whether you want to build a fast-casual, quick service, or full service restaurant. Most of all, careful attention must be paid to designing the commercial kitchen and the server stations for maximum operational efficiency.

The construction and design of a restaurant include:


    • Phased construction
    • Restaurant design-build
    • Conceptual budgets
    • Commercial kitchen layout
    • Exhaust hood design and installation
    • Compliance with local laws and regulatory guidelines
    • Construction contract documents
    • Project management
    • Safety hazard management
    • Construction quality control


Restaurant construction is a lot more than just setting up a dining space and kitchen and offering quality food. To start with, you need to think from the customer’s point of view to make the best first impression. 

To build a successful restaurant, builders and contractors need to consider hundreds of elements. The design of the food service facility should appeal to customers and get your brand message across in an effective manner. Right from the design of the entryway, the floor plan, the layout, and the interiors, every aspect should be planned in great detail. The overall design of the facility should support the workflow as well as enable a convenient flow of traffic.

At Hood Builder, we have a specialized team of restaurant builders, who will plan every crucial detail of the facility in complete detail. Most importantly, we will create the design to match the specific needs of your restaurant type while taking into consideration the location, foot traffic, customer needs, changes in the seasons, etc. Our restaurant build and design services will not just help you deal with the current challenges but also mitigate any kind of future issues. As a restaurant construction company in Denver, our craftsmanship is quite well-known in the hospitality industry. Top quality is the hallmark of every project we take up.

Fire Restoration

Commercial kitchen fires can be highly devastating. If the greasy fire is not contained in a swift manner, it can spread and engulf the entire facility, causing massive damage to property and assets. Fire restoration services help facility owners restore the restaurant after a fire accident.

To restore your business, you need a fire restoration and recovery service, which acts fast and delivers within the given time-frame. Professional companies have extensive experience in dealing with all the damage and mess created due to fire. Whether it is the cleaning of the entire restaurant area, degreasing the kitchen vent hoods, or the removal of smoke and soot, you should always hire experts to do the job. If your facility is located in the Denver area, you should head over to Hood Builder for getting your facility back in shape after a fire.

Our highly trained and certified fire recovery technicians will carry out the entire project in an entirely safe manner. The technicians will remove all the hazardous material and carry out the job in adherence to health codes. We will complete the fire recovery project as per your schedule and budget.

Restaurant Remodeling

Getting a restaurant remodeled or renovated is an effective way to boost business. What is important is to get the job done right – the first time around. If the remodeling of your food service facility is done wrong, you will end up wasting a lot of money as well as disrupting the business for too long. Restaurant remodeling is not just challenging, but it is also a long, step-by-step procedure. To get the desired results, you should always choose to work with a reliable renovator. 

Most importantly, your hired contractor and renovator should carry out the project while taking your budget into account.

Remodeling the restaurant means:

  • Buying new tiles
  • Removal of old sidings and fittings
  • Planning the kitchen layout
  • Changing the HVAC settings
  • Revamp plumbing

Apart from these changes, there will be many other details that you will need to consider to achieve a customer-friendly design. You will need to discuss and plan all of these with an experienced renovator. Since remodeling means losing several precious days of your business, you should also clearly know how much time the renovation project will actually take. In any case, you will never want to drive customers away simply because you chose to remodel the facility.

If you are planning to remodel your restaurant facility, you should reach out to Hood Builder for the best results. From styling the reception and the interiors to customizing the commercial kitchen and providing a private dining experience, our design specialists will deliver exactly what you want. 

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Whether you plan to build a new restaurant facility, restore a restaurant after a fire or remodel an existing restaurant, Hood Builder can be your most reliable partner to have the job expertly accomplished. Operating from two locations in Denver, CO, we have been catering to the diverse and unique needs of a wide range of restaurant facility owners with a successful track record.

To receive a free estimate of your specific project, you can give us a phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website.

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