Certified Air Balancing

Certified Air Balancing is Air Balancing performed by trained, accredited and certified air balancing professionals. Air balancing can be attempted by general handymen but is an art form best left to certified air balancing technicians that have completed the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Certification Program. Certified Air Balancing is done by technicians that have been approved by NEBB or similar accrediting body, passing examinations issued by their accrediting institution as well as having completed a certain amount of working/supervising hours. HVAC firms applying for certified status must have a  senior technician on staff who checks, approves, and signs off on all air balancing jobs. This individual must pass a certified professional written exam as well as a report review exam. The certified testing engineers must have 8 years of air balancing experience or an engineering degree with 4 years of on the job experience. They have to oversee various aspects within their company–instrument calibration, technician training, and safety. They also must also submit their company’s standard operating procedures to NEBB to incur certification for their company.


Individual contractors seeking certification must pass rigorous testing and complete two years of hands-on training to achieve certification.


While air balancing prior to the opening of a new building at the end of construction is somewhat simpler, service calls to homes and older buildings with deteriorating infrastructure require something more.  Education, intuition, and experience are necessary for this more complicated kind of job. This is why choosing a professional certified in air balancing, testing, and reporting is so important. Certified Air Balancing technicians are experts at troubleshooting irregular ductwork problems as well as cleaning and repairing aging HVAC elements. They also usually have the full range of tools necessary to test and adjust even the most challenging airflow problem, as opposed to HVAC generalists.


Commercial Air Balancing Certification Program

Individual contractors can seek air balance certification through several available courses. The International Training Institute (ITI) of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Industry offers various training options over the course of either one or two years. The Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau initiated the TABB certification, which sets a standard for HVAC companies and individual contractors seeking to specialize in air balancing. All companies vying for TABB certified status must have at least one person on staff who has passed all written tests and is in good standing with NEBB. Individuals with TABB certification must have at least several years of experience performing and supervising air balancing services as well as having passed the examinations. The central bodies offering certification in air balancing to HVAC/ air balancing companies are the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), the National Comfort Institute, The Associated Air Balancing Council, and the National Balancing Council.


Commercial Air Balancing Certification prepares technicians for inspecting commercial buildings and testing the performance of the HVAC systems therein. This involves sealing off the building, closing dampers at each opening, adjusting them, and measuring airflow. When balanced airflow is achieved, the settings are locked in for optimal function. Certified technicians can do the initial adjustments as well as skillfully service older systems that need to have their ducts, coils and other elements inspected/repaired. Because they are knowledgeable about the hows and the whys of various HVAC system problems, they are able to efficiently troubleshoot to find the root problems instead of providing band aid solutions that eventually wear down the system. Hiring a professional for the job will save the customer money and prolong the life of their heating, ventilation and conditioning system

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