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Hood Builder is the recognized leader in professional restaurant services with two home base locations. If you are located in the areas of Denver, Colorado, we can help with restaurant remodeling, equipment repair, appliance installation, building design, construction management, commercial kitchen cleaning, and fire protection.
You can always count on us to come through whenever you need us. Our services are available for one-off jobs like equipment repairs or equipment installations, but we also pride ourselves on our ongoing services that operate on your schedule.

Restaurant Services

You have a vision of opening or maintaining a restaurant that attracts loyal patrons and their families for years to come. We have that vision, too. Here are just some of the services we can provide for restaurant entrepreneurs like you.

Restaurant Remodeling

A professional makeover can breathe new life into your establishment, giving customers all-new reasons to visit. Call us for a partial or full-scale remodel that is sure to motivate staff, excite customers, and boost your annual sales.

Restaurant Equipment

Your equipment needs to perform optimally to maintain high levels of sales and customer satisfaction. From the ovens and fryers to your vent hoods and HVAC system, we can keep your restaurant’s equipment finely-tuned and consistently performing to your expectations.

Restaurant Design

Have a unique concept for a restaurant, but don’t know how to proceed? Tell us about your vision so that our architects, restaurant planners, and interior designers can convert your ideas to a full-scale restaurant design that is sure to impress.

Restaurant Construction

Our restaurant services team can manage the construction of your establishment from the ground up. From the planning and building to the designing and preparations for opening day, leave it to us to get the job done on your timetable.

Restaurant Cleaning

Keep your restaurant just as clean as it was on opening day. Our cleaning experts come equipped with powerful cleaning agents and tools that are safe, effective on grease and grime, and sure to satisfy picky customers who prefer cleanliness while they eat.


Fire Protection

Keep your restaurant protected with fire protection equipment installations and maintenance you can rely on. The smallest spark can lead to a destructive and deadly fire. Keep all instances of fire and the fire inspector at bay with reliable fire protection in Denver, CO.

Fire Protection  Installations

Whether you require fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or fire suppression equipment installations, we are the service to call. Once installed, your fire protection system will be ready to act at a moment’s notice to keep your property, personnel, and patrons well-protected at all times.

Fire Protection  Repair

Keep your fire protection system well-maintained to protect your investment. A dangerous blaze could break out at any moment. We offer trustworthy equipment repair services that will ensure your fire extinguishers, alarms, sprinklers, and other equipment are always prepared to activate when needed.  

Fire Protection  Service

Have you had your fire extinguishers inspected and charged? Are you certain your commercial fire suppression equipment is in excellent working order? Let us assess and maintain your fire protection system regularly to keep your establishment open for business and serving customers for years to come.


Restaurant Build Up and General Contracting


Keep your ventilation hoods in excellent condition. We can repair or replace your hoods for proper kitchen ventilation and grease management for ultimate value. When you have ventilation needs, you should always think of the Denver experts with Hood in their name.


Keep the air in your restaurant clean and breathable with premium heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning services. We can replace parts, maintain your equipment, and we’ll show up fast if your HVAC system ever breaks down so that you, your staff and customers can always breathe easy.

Air Balancing

Keep your air quality at optimal conditions and the health inspector from dishing out costly penalties. We have the equipment, training, and attention-to-detail to solve all issues relating to air quality and balancing for a customer-friendly environment that’s sure to please.


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