Restaurant Construction & Building – Restaurant Cleaning in Denver, Colorado

When it comes to restaurant construction, designing, maintaining or cleaning restaurants around the country, nobody does it better than Hood Builder. For over 25 years, our expert engineers, designers, and contractors have been providing clients in a variety of industries with restaurant services that are second to none in Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver, Colorado.

From evaluating a location to assessing a building to designing drawings and performing complete construction, Hood Builder can do it all. We continue to work with some of the biggest names in business today, including Olive Garden, McDonald’s, Burger King and Applebee’s. With affordable pricing, quality service and all the services you need to get your operation running at optimum performance, Hood Builder is your obvious choice.

Restaurant Construction

We specialize in location and building evaluations, design drawings, kitchen drawings, seating drawings, exterior drawings, parking lot drawings and we can also help you secure all permits and planning for any sized project. We can handle the complete construction of your restaurant, including signage, landscaping, and all kitchen equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver, Colorado.

Restaurant Cleaning & Maintenance

From wall repair to stainless steel repair and ceiling repair, Hood Builder can help your restaurant look and feel like new again. Patrons will love dining in, and they’ll tell all their friends and family what a great environment you’ve created, thanks to Hood Builder’s expertise and quality of work.

If restaurant cleaning is what you need, our custodial engineers will ensure that your kitchen and dining areas are spotless through and through. We can perform one-time cleaning or regular janitorial services to ensure that your reputation precedes you among your local clientele. And of course, we can also help to keep that pesky health inspector at bay.

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We’ve got you covered. Hood Builder is a leading distribution, fabrication, and installation company for food facilities of any size. We have offices and plants across the United States that are ready to tend to your needs.

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For a Full and Fast price Quote, Contact Hood Builder today at (800) 750-7055.