Restaurant design services are necessary for completing all aspects of a restaurant’s design. From evaluating the most ideal location to evaluating the building and drawing up plans for the full restaurant construction project, Hood Builder is the company to call. 

Affordable Pricing, Quality Restaurant Remodeling & Design Services

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the restaurant industry today, including Olive Garden, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Applebee’s. These establishments know that quality design, reliable construction, and eye-catching aesthetic appeal is what sets an eatery apart. Now, it’s your restaurant’s turn. 

Get affordable pricing, quality service, and all the restaurant design services you need to get your operation running at optimum performance. That is just what you’ll get when you work with Hood Builder. Contact us for a free quote.

Restaurant Construction

The construction of your restaurant is extremely important to us. As restaurant designers and experienced builders, we specialize in all aspects of any given restaurant design-build project. 


Your grand opening could be beautiful, but few will enjoy your new menu offerings unless you have an ideal location. Our restaurant design firm will help you pick out a spot that draws plenty of foot traffic to keep business steady for years to come.


Building Evaluations:

Our restaurant contractors and build specialists will perform a thorough analysis of your building, including all wiring, plumbing, foundational work, and everything else. Your restaurant can only be successful when the building is sound, and only the most reliable buildings will do for our customers.


Building & Exterior Drawings: 

Our architects and interior designers can draw up the ideal plans for any aspect of your restaurant, including kitchen drawings, dining room drawings, seating drawings, and exterior drawings. We can even draw up parking lot plans, as well as help you secure all permits and planning for sized restaurant services project.


Restaurant Construction: 

We can handle every aspect of your restaurant design-build project, including managing the project, breaking ground, performing interior design, and all the rest.

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Signage & Landscaping: 

Our restaurant signage and landscaping artists will ensure customers find your curb action extra appealing. We can beautify your exterior to match your restaurant interior design to create an establishment that customers will love to step into.


Commercial Kitchen Layouts & Equipment: 

We can make sure your commercial kitchen layout is efficient and safe. Appliances will be placed just so for maximum energy savings, and routes designed so that your cooks and servers can do their jobs without obstacles.


Restaurant Cleaning & Maintenance

Opening day is exciting, but from then on, your restaurant must be cleaned and maintained to establish the same high levels of customer appeal.

Wall Repairs: 

If there are defects on the walls, we’ll find them and repair them fast. We can do our best to perform all interior renovations without customers present, but we’ll ensure a clean and efficient job if we do have to perform work while you’re open.


Stainless Steel Ceiling Repair:

Protect your restaurant from the elements with expert stainless-steel ceiling repair. We perform all restaurant repairs with long-lasting materials that won’t break the bank, helping you get quality work that stays within budget.


Restaurant Remodels: 

When your restaurant has a significant amount of wear and tear, it might be time for a restaurant remodeling project. That is where we excel. We can take your designs for a restaurant makeover and bring them to life while keeping to your timeframe and budget.

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Commercial Kitchen Janitorial Services: 

If restaurant cleaning is in order, our janitorial staff will ensure that your kitchen areas and dining rooms remain spotless, even after the busiest shifts. We offer one-time cleaning or regular janitorial services each night to ensure that your reputation remains stellar among the neighborhood clientele. With our help, you will have no trouble keeping the health inspector at bay.


Do you need restaurant services in Denver, Colorado? Call Hood builder, where we guarantee that your patrons will love dining in. Not only that, but your customers are bound to tell all their friends and family what a great environment you’ve created, thanks to our restaurant design company’s expertise and quality of work. 

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