Your fire suppression system is your first defense against a dangerous commercial kitchen fire. Keep your enterprise risk-free by getting a fully operational fire protection system you can always rely on, only with Hood builder, now serving commercial kitchen businesses in Denver, Colorado.

Why a Fully Operational Fire Suppression System Matters

All commercial kitchens produce oil, grease, and high levels of dry heat, which means that a breakout of fire is always a possibility. A single flame or spark can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and lead to injury or worse. The best risk-aversion strategy is to ensure all your appliances are equipped with the best fire protection system your money can buy. 

The good news is that the best and most fully capable fire suppression equipment doesn’t have to break the bank. Hood Builder has your appliances, enterprise, staff, and customers fully covered with top-rated systems and installation you can always trust.

The Fire Suppression Equipment You Need 

We can install fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire sprinkler systems, corrosion detection systems, and clean agent systems. Whether you are replacing your old system, or you require a new fire suppression system install, Hood Builder can accommodate you. 

Fire Suppression Installations

Hood Builder stands behind every fire suppression installation we perform. For over 25 years, we have prided ourselves on only hiring the best installation and service technicians, and of course, we only work with top-rated equipment that will never let you down. Not only do we guarantee a quality installation every time but ask about our warranties and how we can keep your fire suppression working long into the future for ultimate peace of mind. 

Reliable Fire Suppression Equipment Repair 

You never want to wait when it comes to repairing a faulty fire suppression system. The moment a component malfunctions, contact Hood Builder and our service technicians will show up fast to ensure your fire suppression system is ready to respond the moment it’s needed.

Regular Maintenance Service

Do you know if your fire suppression system is working properly? The last time to discover that your system is out of whack is when a dangerous flame rears its ugly head. We can provide you with ongoing fire suppression maintenance services to assess the responsiveness of your fire suppression system and repair any components that may be defective for fire protection that always lasts. 

Buckeye Fire Suppression Systems

Hood Builder offers the Buckeye Kitchen Mister™ System, which uses a mist to suppress fires quickly before they’re allowed to burn out of control. These fire suppression systems are even effective in commercial kitchens where heavy amounts of fat and grease are everyday byproducts. 

Ansul Systems 

Ansul fire suppression systems are a famous brand for fighting commercial kitchen fires. Using a low pH liquid agent referred to as Ansulex, the system rapidly makes hot surfaces cool and prevents fires from restarting. 

Pyrochem Fire Systems  

We offer Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II, which is ideal for gas stations and industrial applications. The system suppresses fires quickly and keeps them from spreading. If you need heavy duty systems that can put out chemical, grease, and other types of severe fires, this fire system is definitely for you. 

Amerex Fire Suppression Installations 

Amerex systems are ideal for any commercial kitchen environment, including hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, and fine dining restaurants. 

Range Guard Systems 

Keep your commercial kitchen protected from fires at all times with range guard systems for all types of appliances and commercial kitchen layouts. From flexible pipe configurations and factory-filled pressure cylinders to nozzle swivel adaptors and pressure gauge valves, our systems have everything you need to keep your enterprise, staff, and customers safe. 

Call for Fire Suppression Installation You Can Trust

Hood Builder is the leader in fire suppression equipment and installations for the areas of Denver, Colorado. Call today to learn more about keeping your commercial kitchen safe from fire and we’ll provide you with a free and fast quote.

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