Hood Builder is your number one choice when it comes to the construction and installation of industrial and commercial kitchen hoods. Kitchen ventilation can be quite complex. Therefore, the job of constructing or installing your vent hoods should only be handled by the professionals.

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At Hood Builder, we have been providing commercial businesses with ventilation hoods for over 25 years. We are of the firm belief that a well-performing ventilation hood will provide a cleaner working environment for your staff, a warm and cozy space for your patrons, and immense savings on energy costs.

Vent Hoods for Cleaner Air

Industrial kitchen ventilation should provide fresh, uncontaminated air into the cooking space of your restaurant through ducts while at the same time channeling out hot and smoky air. Usually, balancing this type of airflow can be quite a challenge, no matter how large your commercial space might be.

For your hood to function properly, every aspect of the construction and installation phase must work together, from the design and fabrication to the construction to the installation process. When done correctly, your vent hoods will ensure that your kitchen runs efficiently and healthily from open to close.

Why Hood Builder is Different

Our expert technicians will carefully study your kitchen space and the proposed design of your ventilation hoods. We will then work diligently to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

We install all types of hoods including both Type I and Type II, and all of our ventilation systems are installed in a fire-safe area of the kitchen to prevent accidents.

Since the Food Service industry regulations require a higher standard of air quality than most buildings, Hood Builder will ensure that you get exactly what you expect – the best ventilation system for proper airflow and disposal.

For kitchen ventilation hoods that are regulation compliant, efficient, and built to last, Hood Builder should be your first and only choice.

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