Hood Builder is one of the most trusted names for HVAC installation, hood set up, and commercial restaurant design. Whether you already run a food service business or want to open a facility soon, our design and remodeling services are designed to perfectly serve all your needs. We have been working with hospitality businesses for more than two decades and our client base continues to grow further. All the credit for this goes to our passionate and hard-working team of installation experts and interior designers who are truly invested in your business success.

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With our specialists by your side, setting up a restaurant will feel like a breeze. If you have plans to launch a restaurant in Denver, we are the ideal company to accomplish the entire project, starting from scratch. Our design and remodeling services are at par with the modern-day needs of business owners. On this side of the Rockies, we have constructed a number of top food facilities as well as reconstructed and redesigned many for a remarkable customer experience. Our solutions are not just top-notch and flexible but also futuristic.

Our commercial kitchen construction services have been widely admired for the best quality and standards. We are ideally qualified for the installation of all new-age kitchen equipment and cooking appliances.

Restaurant Interior Design

What sets us apart from others is our serious attention to what a client or business owner exactly wants. If you already have a design concept in mind, we can discuss it in detail and improve upon it to realize your dream vision and deliver results that will make your food facility par excellence. Our team has specialization in the construction of a new restaurant from scratch or remodeling a pre-existing food facility to match the evolving tastes of modern-day guests.

We have a proven track record for building restaurant layouts that please guests and make work easy for the staff. Developing the interior design of a food facility is not an easy feat. It requires the services of experts such as Hood Builder, which has made its own mark in the field of restaurant design and remodeling. Our designs are delivered to positively influence visitors and staff.

Restaurant Safety Measures

Not only can we provide you with restaurant renovation, repair, and design services, but we can maintain a safe atmosphere for years to come. We can ensure that restaurant layout design adheres to all safety and fire codes, but we don’t stop there. When it comes to your kitchen, we offer the very best HVAC hood services to keep the risk of dangerous fire to an absolute minimum.

HVAC Services

A large aspect of our Colorado general contracting business comes from our HVAC customers. When running a restaurant or hospitality business, you want to ensure that your atmosphere always remains cozy. After all, customers won’t visit a restaurant where the air is stuffy or where impurities tend to hang in the air. Likewise, when your HVAC system isn’t working properly, staff morale can fall and that can spell bad news for any business.

Instead, call Hood Builder to ensure that your HVAC and overall ventilation services are operating just as they should. This means that carbon dioxide, odors, and other impurities are scrubbed from the air before your HVAC system replenishes the oxygen to keep your customers happy and staff morale high.

Restaurant Plumbing Services

We can complete all aspects of a restaurant build, including maintenance and repair. Restaurant plumbing, for example, is incredibly important for safety and sanitation. We maintain strict codes of conduct and work quickly to maintain and repair your restaurant plumbing services using years of training and experience.

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We deal in, design, and install ventilation systems from some of the most reputed brands in the industry. From multi-utility restaurant construction to kitchen hood installation as well as fire suppression system installation, we are your go-to partner for planning and completing the entire crucial setup of a modern commercial restaurant in the most professional and satisfying manner.

Our experts are highly skilled in the fabrication and installation of food facilities while focusing on efficiency and sustainability. No matter where you plan to set up your commercial kitchen or restaurant, our team is always fully prepared to provide you top quality service and prompt attention.

Our Commercial Kitchen is In Good Hands

We recommend fire protection systems from only the most trusted brands such as Ansul, Range Guard, Pyrochem, and Amerex. Our professionals are uniquely qualified to properly install all the components of fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and fire alarm systems in restaurants, food trucks, and trailers. In addition to this, we also specialize in the installation of highly efficient HVAC systems as well as their inspection, repair, and maintenance. We firmly stand behind all the products we offer and provide follow-up to ensure a completely hassle-free operation.

Fire Suppression Systems

Grease deposits, overheating oil and fat as well as electrical hazards are common causes of the commercial kitchen fire. To reduce the risk of fire, it is essential to keep the ventilation hood systems in good order. Our highly skilled technicians will maintain and service your kitchen hoods in an effective manner so that fire hazards can be removed. Our professional kitchen hood cleaning will prevent grease buildup and ensure the safety of your people and assets as a result. Plus, this will help you maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

There are many aspects to commercial hood system, including cooker hoods, exhaust fans, and restaurant grease interceptors, just to name a few. We have the expertise and parts to help with all aspects of your commercial restaurant equipment, including your hood systems.

In case there is an occurrence of fire, our innovative fire prevention systems will help you control it immediately. Our installation procedures are accurate and top quality and in line with the appliance-specific needs of your food facility. Our goal is to safeguard your building against the dangers of fire so that no physician injuries and property damage happen.

We can then regularly maintain your fire suppression system or provide you with fire protection repair in order to keep your business, customers, and staff safe.

Let Us Be Your Restaurant Builder and Restaurant Maintenance Service

Your restaurant deserves to have a professional contracting service on call. That way, you can ensure that your interior design remains clean, your HVAC system is always in good working order, and your fire suppression systems are always prepared to keep everyone and everything safe.

For full operational efficiency in your foodservice facility, you should always work with expert restaurant contractors such as Hood Builder. Equipped with branded tools and equipment, we carry out each job with the utmost effectiveness and then clean up the space thoroughly for a spotless look. With our company by your side, you’ll never have a hard time maintaining your commercial kitchen as well as the dining area for a pleasurable customer experience.

Whenever an exhaust fan malfunctions or there is an issue with the fire suppression system, all you need to do is give our restaurant contractors a quick phone call. We’ll respond immediately and dispatch our team of highly qualified technicians to fix the issues in a timely manner.

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If you operate in and around Denver, Colorado, we can build and design a new restaurant or provide you with restaurant remodeling to bring your dream to life. We can provide you with restaurant repair to keep your business in the best condition all the year through, and we can provide you with restaurant cleaning to keep your business attractive for your clientele.

Most importantly, we can ensure your kitchen operates efficiently with hood installation and repair, fire suppression system maintenance and repair, and HVAC – heating and air condition maintenance and repair.

In short, when it comes to restaurant building, construction, remodeling, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, ventilation hoods, or any other aspect of your business, Hood Builder is there to help. Call today and receive a free quote.

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