Your First Line of Defense Against Dangerous Grease Fires

Commercial kitchens not only produce delicious food, but they also yield grease; and lots of it. Grease ducts are designed to collect that grease, but what happens to all the grease that’s collected? If not cleaned properly, grease can form flammable droplets that accumulate on the surfaces of your exhaust system, as well as on the roof and nearby walls. Grease can even wreak havoc by gumming up your exhaust fans, making them less efficient. By far the most dangerous aspect of accumulated grease is that it can spread throughout your building via the ductwork, leaving your kitchen at risk for a destructive and deadly grease fire.

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Shepherd Grease Filters Keep Airborne Grease to an Absolute Minimum

The folks at Shepherd saw a need for a hood filter that kept grease from entering the, exhaust system altogether. This led to the creation of the Shepherd disposable grease filter, the safe, disposable, and environmentally friendly grease filter that is singlehandedly changing the industry.

Shepherd filters work by capturing and reducing up to 98% of airborne grease before it can be allowed to enter your kitchen’s exhaust system. The filters are easy to install, designed for fire protection, and made of all-natural ingredients making them 100% biodegradable. Made in Australia with fire-retardant Australian wool, Shepherd filters are also designed to conserve water while saving you money.

Commercial Grease Cleaner – Eliminates Costly Cleaning, Saving Water, Time & Money

Common grease filters must be cleaned on a regular basis, which can lead to hefty expenses over time. Frequent hood cleaning requires an immense amount of water, and chemical cleaners don’t come cheap. Then there is staff overtime to consider, and even then, there is no guarantee that all the grease will be removed, unless professional vent hood cleaners are called in to do the job.

Fire codes requires that exhaust systems be cleaned to the bare metal in order to ensure all the caked-on grease is removed. That’s because a clean exhaust system can’t catch fire. Clean fans also tend to run at maximum efficiency, keeping the air quality in your kitchen running at optimum levels.

For commercial kitchen operators who want a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment for their staff, Shepherd disposable filters are the obvious choice.

Clean Range Hood Filter – Completely Disposable & Environmentally Friendly

Shepherd filters can be installed in seconds and go to work immediately to keep airborne grease at bay. When their job is done, the filters can be disposed of with your regular trash while reducing your environmental footprint. That makes Shepherd filters the primary choice for many restaurants, clubs, sporting venues, cafes, and hotels.

Hood Builder is proud to offer Shepherd disposable filters for commercial kitchens who want to keep costs down while preventing fires and protecting the environment in Denver and Colorado. Keep grease fires from shutting your business down, and protect your investment with one of the best hood filters available today.

Now Available in Denver, Colorado, and other states across the United States.

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