Heating is a vital part of your restaurant or hospitality business. When it’s cold outside, your staff and customers expect to step into a warm and inviting lobby. For that to occur, you need HVAC heating that performs just as it should from open till close.

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At Hood Builder, we have been providing some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry with factory-direct HVAC heating components, along with the installation and maintenance required to keep the systems running at peak efficiency.

We provide all sorts of heating systems, from boilers and heat pumps to furnaces and direct heating systems. Our expert technicians will study the layout of your restaurant to determine the type of heating system that is best suited for your restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Our experts will then install and maintain those systems so that your staff and customers always have a place to come in from the cold.

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At Hood Builder, we use only the most advanced systems to keep your restaurant space heated. We even provide systems that offer forced air. Using forced air systems gives you a benefit of higher levels of air conditioning while saving you up to 20% in energy costs.

We are aware that if the temperature of your restaurant is not comfortable, few people will be choosing you for their dining needs. Don’t allow your business to lose patrons because your HVAC heating system isn’t up to par.

Instead, call Hood Builder and make your restaurant a comfortable space patrons will love to visit and tell their friends about.

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