An HVAC ventilation system is designed to expel odors, stale air, and other gasses out of your commercial kitchen space. When the air is clean, your staff can work in a healthier space, and this alone can improve productivity.

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Your customers, too, deserve a dining area where the air is filtered, allowing them to breathe easy while they enjoy your many culinary delights.

Full-Service Ventilation Services

At Hood Builder, our expert technicians are certified to fabricate, sell, install, and service high-quality ventilation systems for all types of restaurants in Denver, Colorado. We only utilize the highest quality materials, and all our systems are designed to fit within your budget.

We take pride in offering and installing high-quality ventilation systems. Over the years, we have built durable upblast fans, utility fans, and ventilators that get the job done every time.

Our roof sidewall discharge and upblast fans offer high durability and performance and have been tested for all grease-prone applications.

Our sidewall and upblast discharge fans can be configured with a variety of accessories to address the myriad challenges faced in the commercial kitchen.

And our ventilators keep your space contaminant-free, keeping staff and customer illness at bay.

Get Your HVAC Ventilation System Built and Installed in Denver, Colorado

Hood Builder has you covered when you need quality ventilators for your commercial business. Let us take a look at the space you have available, and we will recommend one or more fan systems that are best suited for your needs.

We will then install the system and perform full service and maintenance to eliminate any downtime. When you want HVAC ventilation system that performs just as you expect it to, your first and only choice should be Hood Builder.

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We’ve got you covered. Hood Builder is a leading distribution, fabrication, and installation company for food facilities of any size. We have offices and plants across the United States that are ready to tend to your needs.

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