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Hood Builder is the one of the leading providers of ventilation hood cleaning services in Denver, Colorado. We will keep your ventilation hoods looking their best and performing as expected for years into the future. When you choose Hood Builder, you know that you’re getting fast and efficient service at a price you can afford.

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Prevent Fires by Fighting Grease Buildup

Commercial kitchens that have been in use for some time accumulate grease on most surfaces, but particularly on the exhaust and ventilation systems. The grease has to be cleaned periodically to enable your system to work efficiently. If this is not done, you may have a fire hazard on your hands, which you most certainly do not want.

The National Fire Association reports that more than 11,000 fires happen in commercial kitchens every year. The amount of property damage amounts to more than $150 million, and one of the leading causes of those fires is grease catching fire that accumulates in the kitchen exhaust hood and exhaust systems.

Hoodbuilder is a professional hood cleaning service in Denver, Colorado. We have been the staple cleaner for many well-known commercial kitchens, and we want to be the same for you.

Hood Cleaning Service & Inspections – Commercial Grease Cleaner

In our cleaning process, we adhere to the cleaning guidelines outlined by the National Fire Protection Association. We use hot water pressure washing and we polish after we are done to keep your hoods looking pristine. Then we’ll leave our certification sticker on your hood for easy identification by inspectors in Denver, Co.

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