When you expect odors kept to a minimum, positive air pressure, and clean air quality in your kitchen and dining areas, Hood Builder should be your first and only choice for HVAC make-up air.

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At Hood Builder, we offer a complete line of indoor and outdoor HVAC make-up air units to meet your exact needs. Make-up air adds replacement air for the air that’s being drawn out of your kitchen by your exhaust hoods. No matter how extensive your requirements, we have systems that will supply your space with evenly-tempered air to make your environment as comfortable as possible.

A Variety of Make-Up Air Configurations

Our make-up air systems are economical, efficient, and come in a variety of configurations. Whether you need make-up air for heat and grease generating cooking appliances or steam-generated appliances, Hood Builder has you covered.

Quality Air Flow & Pressure

Our exhaust systems are powerful enough to remove thousands of cubic feet of air every minute. The air that’s removed is then replaced with fresh air, providing your staff and customers with an environment they’ll love to spend time in.

The make-up air is heated by a gas flame, which eliminates the need for a heat exchanger, not to mention the efficiency losses that typically come with indirect-fired systems. Our systems will also help your air conditioning units operate more efficiently, keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

For a more air-controlled environment, and service that is always there when you need it, call the HVAC make-up air specialists. Contact Hood Builder today and use our HVAC service in Denver, Colorado.

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Free Quote (800-750-7055)

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