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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Denver, CO – If you run a restaurant, cafeteria, or community kitchen, you know just how much work is involved in making each meal service a success. Everyone, from the chef to the prep cooks, to the servers and dishwashers–must work together in harmony to achieve customer satisfaction.

At the end of the night, or by the end of the week, it’s hard to keep them motivated to hang up their aprons and deep clean your facility the way it should be cleaned–thoroughly and diligently.

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What your staff can handle

Regular kitchen and restaurant staff should be trained and adept at routine tidying up. For example, the floors in the kitchen should be unobstructed by spills and large fallen pieces of food or packaging. Waiters and hostesses should keep tables and seating areas wiped down and register de-greased and dusted.

However, every month or so, it is wise to order professional commercial cleaning service specialists. They have high power equipment and an efficient crew that can refresh your space like no surface tidying can.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning & Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning service makes a difference

When you order professional kitchen cleaning, your dining room floor will be cleaned spotless by a commercial grade vacuum. Your booths will be scrubbed clean and polished, and your kitchen floor will be stripped of grease and stubborn stains.

Hood vent cleaning and grease filter cleaning

Most importantly, there are parts of your kitchen that are difficult or even dangerous to clean if you are not familiar with what you are doing. Hood vents and grease traps for instance, if not cleaned of grease buildup thoroughly–will remain a combustion risk in your establishment.

A professional company that does this service knows exactly how to take apart all the cleanable parts of your HVAC system, including grease filters, hoods, and ducts, soak them, and then put them back together correctly. This kind of job is certainly not common knowledge, but it’s essential that it’s done correctly.

Show off your clean space with pride

Your facility–both the public seating area and the ‘back of the house’ aspect–will be presentable to any curious food blogger or health standards agent. With the help of commercial kitchen cleaning services from Hood Builder, you never have to be ashamed of any part of your business again!

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    When your exhaust fans are getting rid of grease from the vapors in your kitchen, it is important to remember that the grease does not disappear, it still needs somewhere to go. Often times, without rooftop grease containment, all of this grease just builds up on the roof. When grease pools up on the roof, it corrodes your roof and will eventually cause leaks and could eventually cave in. This is a nasty shock to discover, so bring in our team to make sure your rooftop is set up to properly contain grease and keep your building safe.

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