The Importance of Efficient Fire Suppression Equipment in Food Trucks

Fire Suppression Equipment in Food Trucks

Food trucks are popping up everywhere and their popularity is growing fast. Based on fire safety rules, these food vans/trucks/trailers have to be equipped with efficient fire suppression systems such as portable fire extinguishers.

All of us know and agree that fire is really valuable but when it comes to the interaction of mankind with it everything changes. Safety should always be at the front row since, honestly, nothing can be more precious to us than our life, health, and property.

Thanks to technology, fire systems are evolving and each system should be used in an emergency situation for a fire.

So, this article sheds light on the key role of effective fire equipment in protecting lives, and properties and also reducing the extent of fire’s spread and damage.

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Possible Dangers in Food Trucks

These profitable mobile kitchens are always moving around and danger is moving with them at the same time. So, as a successful wise owner, you feel the need to become aware of the possible threats in advance.

Hazards of this blooming industry range from food spoilage to operational risks, vehicle-related dangers, and also fire hazards.

Engine oil, fuel, paper products, flames, and heated equipment can be the main cause of fire on food trucks. Most of these fires are because of propane explosions.

It is a fact that any food service place may be dangerous but in food trucks, the possibility is higher. On the one hand, the customers are at the counter very close to the fire in the kitchen and if the flames are too high or the oil is too hot, someone could be burned.

On the other hand, if the staff are not fully aware of safety rules or if they are not well equipped, it will lead to a rising rate of injuries and possibly deaths. They should know the type of fire extinguisher which is right for special emergencies.

Tips to Ensure Fire Safety in Food Trucks

After some unfortunate events causing serious damage and even painful deaths, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Marshals Association brought ‘’ mobile cooking operations ‘’ into more focus. They intended to protect food truck operators, their staff and customers, and even their surrounding communities.

As life partners, we like to share a few fire safety tips with you:

  • Any snack truck must have an efficient fire suppression system. As discussed before, working with heated tools, cooking oil, open flames, propane gas, etc. can be really risky. Having a useful safety system will help save lives, prevent complete property damage, and also reduce the amount of business downtime.
  • The fire protection equipment must be inspected and maintained properly by professionals. Life safety equipment which includes the fire suppression system, and fire extinguishers must be operable during a fire emergency. So, it is not a ‘set then forget’ thing. These systems need frequent inspections by the authorized producer’s distributor and also by the owners themselves.
  • Trained staff who know which types of fires are stopped using which types of fire extinguishers. There are two different kinds of fire extinguishers on snack trucks. The staff must know the difference in order to ruin any chance of using them mistakenly.

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Benefits of Efficient Fire Suppression Systems

By fire suppression system we mean a system which is designed to put out the fire at the source and stop it from spreading. The system may be activated by smoke, heat, or both. These fir attack equipment have different types used in different emergencies.

No common sense can ignore the benefits of an effective fire system. So, now let’s take a look at the list below:

  • The relaxing feeling of being safe is something really precious. Having the necessary equipment in place gives everybody peace of mind. This can surely improve productivity, as well.
  • A fully efficient fire suppression system matters since it reduces the risk to the management, staff, and customers’ lives.
  • Good fire equipment can detect the first signs of fire breaking out. This, obviously, minimizes the chance of fire growth and can save the business from serious damage to the property or surrounding areas.
  • By having the necessary systems installed properly, insurance rates fall.
  • Up-to-date suppression systems work automatically and no one has to take the responsibility to activate them. So, they are completely safe and practical.
  • They are perfectly suitable for most businesses and can also be easily installed almost everywhere.
  • Last but not least is compliance with regulations. The first step to comply with these regulations is to find out which fire and safety rules are suitable for your business or building and then provide the needed requirements.
Fire Suppression Equipment in Food Trucks

Different Types of Efficient Fire Suppression Systems

A suppression system is made up of different components such as a fire alarm initiating device, a fire notification device, an alarm monitoring system, an alarm control panel, etc.

Each type of fire system is used in a different situation and location. In general, the types include water sprinklers, clean agents, chemical agents, and carbon dioxide systems.

1. Water-based System:

It is the most common suppression system because of its fair price and availability of water. This system uses pipe networks to send and distribute water to the connected sprinkler bulbs.

Since the fire system must be chosen according to the type of fire, water sprinklers can not be used for gas and oil fires. Moreover, water-sensitive properties may be seriously damaged after activation. Fire sprinklers have four types of wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge.

2. Clean Agent System:

It uses chemical agents or inert gas to suppress fire. Its extinguishing agents are safe enough to be used in crowded places. The life span of this hazard system is quite short.

3. Chemical Agent System:

They are waterless and also electrically non-conductive. There are wet and dry chemical agents. Wet chemical systems are efficiently used in commercial kitchens. The liquid spray reacts with the oils and fats on the burning surface to produce foam. Dry chemical systems use chemical powder to extinguish fire. They actually suffocate the flames.

4. Carbon Dioxide System:

This system can be used in large open areas or even for a single piece of equipment. Carbon dioxide lacks electrical conductivity, odor, and color; so, no need to worry about the cleanup after the activation. This type of system does not even damage delicate items.

The Most Suitable Suppression System for Food Trucks

As talked about before, most snack truck operators have to equip their businesses with efficient fire suppression systems. There are many factors effective in choosing the right one. Let’s check some of these factors:

  • The potential dangers,
  • The location and surroundings of the snack truck,
  • The needs of the business,
  • The existing equipment
  • The balance between the cost and the effectiveness of the system
  • The installation and maintenance requirements

There are two main options for the safety of food trucks: wet chemical agent systems and dry chemical agent systems.

A wet chemical fire system uses wet agents to protect the hood, duct, and all the cooking stuff in the kitchen. It uses a chemical agent to suppress and cool down the fire.

When the fire starts, it is detected automatically and then the chemical is released throughout the hood and on the appliances. The liquid spray reacts with fats and oils and produces foam. This foam prevents fire reignition.

Besides, after the fire hazard, all the surfaces and appliances can be cleaned easily.

A dry chemical system provides a perfect fire attack. It uses dry chemical powder which is pressurized into a large tank. This system can be easily installed in any commercial kitchen. It is cheap and you can simply use it when there are not any water resources available.

An important point to be mentioned is that after each operation you must re-fill the tank. Unlike wet chemicals, the surfaces affected by dry chemicals will not be easy and cheap to clean up.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Food Truck Safety Precautions

Why do I need an automatic fire suppression system on my snack truck?

Fire hazards are really common on food trucks; so, as a business owner, you need such a system to save your customers, staff, and property from danger. Besides, all mobile kitchens are obliged to have fire extinguishing systems.

How effective are fire suppression systems?

Statistics tell us that 93% of deaths and 95% of property damage happen after the fire gets out of control. Remember! Most of the time a suitable fire system is used, it can extinguish fire within two minutes.

Which fire extinguisher works best for my food truck business?

There are different types of fire systems but wet chemical systems and dry chemical systems are the most recommended ones for snack trucks. Choose your efficient fire suppression system according to the needs of your business.

What is the useful life of chemical fire systems?

Generally, when they are disposable, they should be replaced every 12 years. When they are rechargeable, they should be examined every 5 or 6 years. For wet chemical fire systems, this happens every 5 years, and for dry ones every 6 years. After an event, your system should be tested and replaced by professional technicians if needed.

How can I optimize the life of a fire extinguisher?

Proper and regular maintenance is crucial. You had better ask certified technicians to inspect your fire system according to its type and maintenance schedule. Moreover, try to keep your system free of debris and as clean as possible. It is also important to stay up-to-date with standard safety regulations.

Ensure the Safety of Your Food Truck Business in Denver, Colorado, and California

The danger is lurking everywhere. A moment of neglect can cause lifetime regret. Fire hazards are among the most threatening accidents. Besides, one part of running a successful business depends on its owner’s awareness of safety standards and requirements. An alert business owner is always ready in advance.

The positive role of efficient fire suppression systems is as clear as crystal. A suitable fire system enables a truck operator to keep his/her time, energy, customers, staff, and property safe from potential risks and dangers.

To ensure workplace safety, commercial kitchens are required to install proper fire extinguishers.

Whether you need a system, or you want to replace the outdated one, trust our top-rated systems and experienced workforce. In fire suppression equipment, Hood Builder is the leader in different regions of Denver, Colorado, and California.

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