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Complete Commercial Kitchen Construction

Complete Commercial Kitchen Construction

If you plan to start a commercial kitchen, the first thing you need to do is find out what all steps it actually involves. Equipped with the right information, you will be able to carry out the restaurant construction exactly as you want. While you may come across a wide range of ready-made designs for […]

Restaurant Fire Recovery, Restaurant Repair, Restaurant Fire Restoration

Restaurant Fire Recovery, Restaurant Repair, Restaurant Fire Restoration | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Fire in a commercial kitchen can prove to be devastating. Once the fire spreads to other areas, it can quickly engulf every area of the restaurant including the dining room, restroom, and entrance. As a result of this kind of damage, your business will be completely disrupted. After the smoke clears, there will be burned […]

Restaurant Design-Build, Restoration and Remodeling


The restaurant industry is a highly competitive one. If you plan to start a restaurant or a food service facility, you should be well-prepared to deal with a number of challenges to attract more diners and remain compliant with building and fire safety codes. Whether it is the design-build, restoration, or remodeling of a restaurant, […]

Restaurant Renovation: Great Ideas for Remodeling in Denver, CO

Restaurant Renovation | Restaurant Remodeling | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Renovation your restaurant can be an exciting venture. Takedown a few walls, add a room, and stock the interior with brand-new, all-stylish furnishings, and you have a recipe that can really wow your customers, causing them to visit and return often. A complete remodel done right can also get tongues wagging, making your eatery the […]

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