Month: March 2018

Commercial Kitchen Guidelines for Refrigeration

restaurant kitchen design | Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Denver, CO – Ideal restaurant kitchen design takes everything into account, from space planning and storage space to fixtures and furnishings, equipment specifications, and procurement. Expert engineers, designers, and contractors work together to design practical restaurant kitchens that not only look exceptional but remain practical for all day-to-day operations. Perhaps one of the […]

Food Truck Maintenance – What Meals-on-Wheels Owners Need to Know

Food Truck Maintenance | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Denver, CO – Maintenance is vital to the growth of any business especially one that runs on an engine, such as a mobile food business. A lot of times business owners put maintenance off thinking they can go another day, or another week, until their food truck malfunctions. By this time, it’s too late. Now, […]

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