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The Importance of Range Hood Cleaning in Restaurants and How to Do It

Importance of Range Hood Cleaning in Restaurants in Denver, CO

Range hood cleaning is vital to a clean and healthy kitchen environment. However, many people forget about it in their regular cleaning routines. A range hood is designed to remove grease, odors, smoke, and other particles generated during cooking. Over time, all those particles can build up inside the hood and its filters and make […]

Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Range Hood

Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Range Hood

A commercial kitchen exhaust hood also known as a range hood, ventilation hood, or kitchen hood is the superhero of the kitchen.  Basically, a range hood is there to keep the air clean, prevent the buildup of grease on surfaces, reduce the risk of fire hazards, and make sure the kitchen does not turn into […]

Modern Electrical Drawing for Restaurants: A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient and Safe Operations

Electrical Drawing for Modern Restaurants in Denver, CO

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on modern electrical drawing for restaurants. In today’s fast-paced world, restaurants rely heavily on advanced electrical systems to ensure efficient operations and create a safe environment for both staff and customers. Proper electrical planning and design play a crucial role in optimizing energy usage, reducing costs, and complying with safety […]

The Importance of Proper Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

The Importance of Proper Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

A commercial kitchen produces smoke, steam and grease on a large scale. All these contaminants make the indoor air impure. If these impurities are not removed on a constant basis, the risk of potential safety hazards in the kitchen increases. Not just the commercial kitchen, but it poses risks for the employees, guests and the […]

The Benefits of Custom Restaurant Design  


For a restaurant to succeed, it is crucial to get it designed as per the specific needs of the customers and the workers. You can’t just pick any commercial kitchen design or dining area design for your restaurant. Every restaurant, cafeteria, commercial kitchen or shared kitchen has its own unique needs in terms of functionality, […]

Why Do HVAC Systems Become Less Efficient Over Time?

Why Do HVAC Systems Become Less Efficient Over Time?

Preventative maintenance is a surefire way to keep your HVAC systems functioning with maximum efficiency for a long time. That is why restaurant owners and facility managers always give their HVAC units proper care and attention on a regular basis. Ignoring minor issues with your HVAC systems or neglecting the maintenance can take a toll […]

The One-Stop Shop for the Design, Building and Maintenance of a Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant | HoodBuilder | Denver, CO | Fort Collins | Boulder

The One-Stop Shop for the Design, Building and Maintenance of a Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant

When it comes to a commercial kitchen design, the biggest challenge is to match space with function in an efficient manner. A great deal of planning will be required to build a kitchen, which saves time and effort in food preparation and cooking. If you plan to achieve success with your restaurant business, you should […]

Complete Commercial Kitchen Construction

Complete Commercial Kitchen Construction

If you plan to start a commercial kitchen, the first thing you need to do is find out what all steps it actually involves. Equipped with the right information, you will be able to carry out the restaurant construction exactly as you want. While you may come across a wide range of ready-made designs for […]

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a hub of a range of cooking activities. If you run a restaurant kitchen, you will have to deal with plenty of heat, smoke, and odor on a regular basis. Plus, the grease buildup inside the ductwork and the exhaust fans will prevent proper ventilation, unless cleaned on a regular basis. […]

Covid-19: Using Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Safety in Food Premises and Workplaces

Sanitization, Disinfecting | restaurant remodeling | restaurant sanitizers covid-19 | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic has been unprecedented and countries are still struggling to get back to their old normal. People have stayed indoors for months in a row. Even developed nations are reeling under the pressure of a weak economy. It is tough to say how long the coronavirus will continue to play […]

The Restaurant Equipment Checklist to Suit Your Needs & Budget 

Restaurant Equipment Checklist-commercial restaurant cleaning - commercial hood installation

Depending on the size and type of restaurant you operate, you may not need every item listed. Or, you may need other types of equipment more specific to your establishments, such as a tortilla maker or bread maker. Make sure you are considering every aspect of your kitchen layout and menu plan when developing your […]

Restaurant Tenant Finish Considerations and Restaurant Design Tips for First-Timers

restaurant design tips for first timers | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Restaurant Design Tips: A restaurant tenant finish can be a daunting project, especially for your very first time.  You have leased the space, and now you need to bring your restaurant design concept to fruition. No pressure, right?  To ensure your opening day goes off as flawlessly as you imagine, keep the following considerations in […]

Does Your Commercial Kitchen Range Guard Fire Suppression System Have These 10 Must-Haves?

Range Guard Fire Suppression System | Grease Trap Cleaning | Cleaning Commercial Kitchens Provided by Hood Builder in Salt Lake City, UT | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

The risk of fire is a danger that concerns all restaurant owners. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), cooking equipment is the leading cause of many of these blazes. Sadly, less than half of all restaurants employ a state-of-the-art sprinkler or fire suppression system. This lack of proper equipment can turn dangerous if […]

Why It’s Important for Denver Area Restaurants to Find an All-In-One Hood Cleaning Services

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Restaurants all over Denver are experiencing a growing problem finding reputable ventilation hood cleaning services. With Denver growing in size every year, the restaurants around town have no trouble finding hungry citizens to fill their dining rooms, but more patrons may spell trouble for the kitchen areas of those establishments. The more business these Denver […]

Restaurant Kitchen HVAC System [A Quick Guide]

Restaurant Kitchen HVAC System | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Ventilation is an important issue for every restaurant. In a commercial restaurant, there are many areas that also need safety from different kinds of hazards at all times. If you are a restaurant owner, the responsibility of keeping your employees and customers safe is something you can never ignore. A large restaurant is a hub […]

Outsource Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning to Hood Builder

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Denver, CO – If you run a restaurant, cafeteria, or community kitchen, you know just how much work is involved in making each meal service a success. Everyone, from the chef to the prep cooks, to the servers and dishwashers–must work together in harmony to achieve customer satisfaction. At the […]

Commercial Kitchen Construction In Food Truck Have Some Problems You Should Anticipate Beforehand

commercial food trucks Food Truck Construction to Eliminate Problems Hood Builder Denver Colorado

Image Source Operating a food truck business can be incredibly rewarding. The smiling faces of your loyal customers as they meet your truck on familiar street corners, there’s no better feeling in the world. Of course, the food truck business isn’t always fun and games. There will be the occasional disgruntled customer, insufficient inventory orders, […]

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Restaurant

Restaurant Remodelling

Image Source Restaurant Remodelling & Construction in Denver, CO – Every restaurant owner wants to provide the best possible experience for his or her customers, and sometimes that means changing things up in a big way. Evolution is essential to staying relevant in this ever-changing industry, and reinvesting in your business can produce amazing results. […]

6 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System

How to Troubleshoot Your Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Denver, CO – The success of your commercial kitchen relies heavily on your ventilation system. If your vent system isn’t working properly, the air may become unbreathable or downright unsafe. Then there is the risk of fire due to the buildup for grease and other flammable materials. This means that, whether you run […]

Commercial Kitchen Guidelines for Refrigeration

restaurant kitchen design | Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Denver, CO – Ideal restaurant kitchen design takes everything into account, from space planning and storage space to fixtures and furnishings, equipment specifications, and procurement. Expert engineers, designers, and contractors work together to design practical restaurant kitchens that not only look exceptional but remain practical for all day-to-day operations. Perhaps one of the […]

The Vital Importance of Clean Agents for Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen | Fire Protection Services | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Source Denver, CO – Disaster can strike at any time without warning. That’s the reason why fire protection supplies form an essential part of any office or Commercial Kitchen and restaurants. While most offices have fire extinguishers in place, upgrading your protection supplies is an investment that is never in vain. Offices have sensitive equipment […]

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