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Why Do HVAC Systems Become Less Efficient Over Time?

Why Do HVAC Systems Become Less Efficient Over Time?

Preventative maintenance is a surefire way to keep your HVAC systems functioning with maximum efficiency for a long time. That is why restaurant owners and facility managers always give their HVAC units proper care and attention on a regular basis. Ignoring minor issues with your HVAC systems or neglecting the maintenance can take a toll […]

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a hub of a range of cooking activities. If you run a restaurant kitchen, you will have to deal with plenty of heat, smoke, and odor on a regular basis. Plus, the grease buildup inside the ductwork and the exhaust fans will prevent proper ventilation, unless cleaned on a regular basis. […]

Why It’s Important for Denver Area Restaurants to Find an All-In-One Hood Cleaning Services

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Restaurants all over Denver are experiencing a growing problem finding reputable ventilation hood cleaning services. With Denver growing in size every year, the restaurants around town have no trouble finding hungry citizens to fill their dining rooms, but more patrons may spell trouble for the kitchen areas of those establishments. The more business these Denver […]

Outsource Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning to Hood Builder

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Denver, CO – If you run a restaurant, cafeteria, or community kitchen, you know just how much work is involved in making each meal service a success. Everyone, from the chef to the prep cooks, to the servers and dishwashers–must work together in harmony to achieve customer satisfaction. At the […]

How to Clean Grease Filters for Commercial Kitchen Owners

Range Guard Fire Suppression System | Grease Trap Cleaning | Cleaning Commercial Kitchens Provided by Hood Builder in Salt Lake City, UT | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Source Salt Lake City, UT – The majority of restaurant and eatery owners already understand the responsibilities of operating a commercial kitchen, including cleanliness for food hygiene purposes. However, proper cleaning should also incorporate a thorough cleaning of the establishment’s ventilation systems to prevent future problems. Grease, dust, and cooking odors can build-up within HVAC […]

Clean Your Hood Like the Experts

Hood Cleaning Tips | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Source Denver, CO – Hood cleaning is a necessary process all commercial kitchens, food trucks, and other establishments must go through in order to lawfully maintain their status as a healthy restaurant. It’s also a safety precaution because the most common cause of fire in commercial kitchens is a dirty hood. The process takes about […]

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