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Food Truck Equipment Installation | Hood Builder | Denver, CO

Food Truck Equipment Installation | Hood Builder | Denver, CO

As a continuation of the long past, the food truck business is now a trend and here to stay for a long time. If you plan to start a food service business that allows you access to multiple locations at a time, setting up a food truck is quite a viable option. Have you seen […]

Mobile Dining: From Chuck Wagons to Modern Food Trucks

Modern Food Trucks

Image Source Food trucks have come a long way from the early days of mobile dining. Today, people derive as much joy eating from a food truck as dining at a brick and mortar restaurant. From sandwiches and hamburgers to cupcakes and hybrid taco-waffles, food trucks offer a wide range of delectable menu items.  But […]

Hood Builder Talks About the Rise of Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen | Food Truck Industry Denver | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Mobile Kitchen Denver, CO – Statistics show that food trucks are generating at least 2 billion dollars yearly. In fact, while restaurants in the US had a growth rate of 2 percent per annum from the year 2011 to the year 2016, the food truck industry is truly booming, with a revenue increase […]

Commercial Kitchen Construction In Food Truck Have Some Problems You Should Anticipate Beforehand

commercial food trucks Food Truck Construction to Eliminate Problems Hood Builder Denver Colorado

Image Source Operating a food truck business can be incredibly rewarding. The smiling faces of your loyal customers as they meet your truck on familiar street corners, there’s no better feeling in the world. Of course, the food truck business isn’t always fun and games. There will be the occasional disgruntled customer, insufficient inventory orders, […]

6 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System

How to Troubleshoot Your Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Denver, CO – The success of your commercial kitchen relies heavily on your ventilation system. If your vent system isn’t working properly, the air may become unbreathable or downright unsafe. Then there is the risk of fire due to the buildup for grease and other flammable materials. This means that, whether you run […]

Food Truck Maintenance – What Meals-on-Wheels Owners Need to Know

Food Truck Maintenance | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Image Source Denver, CO – Maintenance is vital to the growth of any business especially one that runs on an engine, such as a mobile food business. A lot of times business owners put maintenance off thinking they can go another day, or another week, until their food truck malfunctions. By this time, it’s too […]

Special Considerations for Designing Your First Food Truck

food truck construction | Hood Builder | Denver Colorado

Source Denver, CO – Building a food truck you intend to cook on involves lots of planning and designing before you begin construction. You’ll need to include space for food preparation and storage, as well as cooking equipment, fryers, or grills for cooking your food items. Your design needs to incorporate sufficient space for food […]

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