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Denver, CO – Ideal restaurant kitchen design takes everything into account, from space planning and storage space to fixtures and furnishings, equipment specifications, and procurement. Expert engineers, designers, and contractors work together to design practical restaurant kitchens that not only look exceptional but remain practical for all day-to-day operations. Perhaps one of the most overlooked design aspects is commercial refrigeration.
Imaging buying ingredients one day just to throw them out the next. If you can’t keep your food properly stored and temperature conditioned, your food costs will quickly eat a hole in your pocket. That’s why the experts at Hood Builder have offered these tips for optimum kitchen refrigeration.

Get Professional Help:

A functional layout and proper refrigeration are crucial to the success of your food business. Your industrial food preparation space has to be carefully planned and designed to flow from one cooking stage to the next. Hiring an experienced professional can help you avoid mistakes. For example, a professional can give you advice on where your hood vents should be installed for maximum performance. They can also assist you with where to position your fire prevention systems and even advise you on the best equipment.

Invest in commercial refrigeration:

Never use household equipment for industrial purposes. The refrigeration system in your industrial kitchen must have the capacity to keep foods fresh, especially raw meat and dairy products. Packing a storage cooler reduces its functionality. It’s more efficient to choose a commercial unit with enough space to handle your ingredients.

Choose your commercial fridge according to what will be on your menu:

When choosing a fridge for your business, you must consider what your main ingredients are, and what quantities you will need per time period. This will help you determine what kind of refrigeration system you need. For example: if you are running a gourmet restaurant that requires a lot of meat and fresh foods, you will need one that has separate storage compartments for meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.

The frozen compartment should preferably be at the bottom of the fridge for easy access and to prevent cross-contamination. For example, if raw meat juices were to leak, they would never interact with foods that don’t require cooking, such as lettuce, or tomatoes for salads.

Think about how often you will be getting deliveries:

Another important thing to consider is how often you will receive deliveries. If your ingredients are delivered or purchased on a daily basis, your need for refrigeration will be a lot less than if you need to receive deliveries on a weekly basis. In that case, you need adequate cold storage to keep your food fresh until the next delivery date.

Plan for bulk ingredient purchases:

What does buying in bulk have to do with refrigeration? Everything! Buying in bulk substantially reduces your cost. An entire case of butter (24 sticks) for $29.99 instead of 2 sticks at a time for $1.99 each, will save $17.77. That is smart and economical for your business but if you have to have adequate storage.

Still, need help deciding? Contact Hood Builder, as we only work with the highest quality restaurant equipment to ensure it lasts longer, consumes less energy, and will run just as you expect it to. We can also help you with your commercial kitchen refrigeration selection so you can relax knowing all your needs will be met.

Want to learn more? Call us today on: (800) 750-7055 and let us assist you with the planning and your restaurant kitchen design, hood installation, and any type of restaurant hood repair and maintenance in Denver, CO.
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