Year: 2021

A Quick Guide to HVAC Refrigerant Recharge

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The refrigerant, a chemical compound, plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of an HVAC system. You might have heard technicians often say: “Your HVAC needs a refrigerant recharge?” An air-conditioner has a non-flammable gas inside the copper coils. This is the refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the inside air of a commercial kitchen, […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About HVAC Systems

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Abbreviated as HVAC, the heating ventilation and air conditioning is a common, daily use system, which provides heating and cooling. Generally, people use the term HVAC to refer to this system. The system remains installed in a wide range of residential as well as commercial buildings. Right from the time HVAC systems were first introduced, […]

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a hub of a range of cooking activities. If you run a restaurant kitchen, you will have to deal with plenty of heat, smoke, and odor on a regular basis. Plus, the grease buildup inside the ductwork and the exhaust fans will prevent proper ventilation, unless cleaned on a regular basis. […]

Mobile Dining: From Chuck Wagons to Modern Food Trucks

Modern Food Trucks

Image Source Food trucks have come a long way from the early days of mobile dining. Today, people derive as much joy eating from a food truck as dining at a brick and mortar restaurant. From sandwiches and hamburgers to cupcakes and hybrid taco-waffles, food trucks offer a wide range of delectable menu items.  But […]

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