Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

Looking for Solutions to Get Rid of Smoke, Odor and Grease in Your Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a hub of a range of cooking activities. If you run a restaurant kitchen, you will have to deal with plenty of heat, smoke, and odor on a regular basis. Plus, the grease buildup inside the ductwork and the exhaust fans will prevent proper ventilation, unless cleaned on a regular basis. Too much grease and grime are potential fire hazards, which must be eliminated. If you fail to properly maintain the exhaust hood and the ventilation system, you will find it hard to run the restaurant smoothly and cause great discomfort to staff and guests.

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As a responsible restaurant owner, you must equip your kitchen with smartly engineered solutions that eliminate the smoke and cooking smells, reduce fire risks and keep the area properly ventilated at all times.

Smoke and Odor Issue

Nobody loves a smoky kitchen. Cooking appliances and heavy-duty equipment used in a commercial kitchen is the reason why there is so much smoke produced. The smoke contains very fine particles, which measure below 1 micron in size. Due to the fineness of the particles, the smoke can travel easily to other areas of the kitchen such as the restaurant and the bar. This causes a lot of nuisance and discomfort to those who work in the kitchen for longer hours as well as those who come to dine at your restaurant. Unless you get rid of the smoke issue, you will not only compromise the health and safety of people in your place, but it can take a toll on your business and you may be forced to ultimately close down.

Cooking smell or odor has even finer particles than smoke has. It is a byproduct of cooking that goes on a large scale in a commercial kitchen. It takes a lot of effort to keep a kitchen smoke-free.

Even after cleaning the restaurant, the residual odor remains. If you plan to operate your business in a successful manner, you should never take the odor issues lightly. The comfort and safety of your staff and guests should be the first priority. In order to get rid of the smoke and the cooking odor, you should always install an effective ventilation system that performs its job with maximum efficiency. There are multiple designs and systems to deal with such problems.

Grease Issue

The buildup of grease is a very common issue in every large and busy kitchen. Grease is produced as a result of cooking with stuff such as oil, meat, fats, etc. The released grease travels into the exhaust stream, and it gathers inside the exhaust fans and the ductwork of the system.

For every high-end restaurant, it is mandatory to follow the safety regulations in regard to grease build-up. Lots of grease accumulation can increase the risk of fire in a kitchen. Too many fire accidents happen globally in restaurants simply because grease was left to gather for a long time. It is, therefore, important to install high-quality exhaust hoods to mitigate the risks and enhance the safety of workers and visitors. As per the safety requirements, you must equip your kitchen with automatic exhaust fan controls, a fire suppression system, and grease filters installed under the exhaust hoods. All of these together will prevent the buildup of grease in different areas of the kitchen, thereby eliminating the risk of fire hazards.

Hood-installed grease filters are the most important component required to prevent the accumulation of grease. Top-quality hood filters are quite efficient in the removal of the fine particles that make up grease. The amount of grease buildup depends on the type of cooking that is done in your restaurant as well as the type of cooking appliances you use in the process. High-temperature cooking appliances generate the most amount of fine particulate. That is why it is crucial that you seek the help of professionals to install highly effective exhaust hoods.

Invest in the Correct, High-Tech Technology

When it comes to the commercial hood and HVAC installation, you must always invest in the most advanced and ideal technology that is the best match for the type of cooking and the size of your restaurant kitchen.

You will find many exhaust hood installation companies in or near your city. Since it is going to ultimately impact your business, you should always choose to work with one that specializes in kitchen hood installation and HVAC installation. The entire process of these installations should be performed in accordance with the exact requirements of the restaurant kitchen you operate. You should hire a company that does not just offer innovative design and technology, but also provides adequate after-market support so that you have no future discrepancies.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Hood Builder has made a name for itself in the domain of hood installation and HVAC installation as well as restaurant design and construction service. This means you do not have to look for multiple vendors to set up and launch and operate a restaurant. 

If you run a restaurant or want to set up a commercial kitchen, you should head straight to Hood Builder. As a full-service company, our team of experts will take care of the a-z of restaurant design and construction. Our fire protection installation services are one of the highest qualities you will find anywhere in Denver. We deeply understand how to construct a high-end restaurant and how to install top-notch mechanical solutions for efficient running and smooth operation.

Our full range of services includes:

Exhaust Hood Installation:

The installation of a commercial hood is an elaborate job that requires the expertise of professionals. It is crucial to select a hood type and design which suits the size of your restaurant and the variety of cooking activities that are carried out in your kitchen. Our experts will evaluate the exact needs of your kitchen and provide you with the topmost quality exhaust hood with the right style, lighting, exhaust fan speed, and type of air method. We will also help you determine the CFM your commercial kitchen needs.

After an inspection of your kitchen space, our team will provide you with a proposed design of the exhaust hood. We will always make sure that the type and design of the hood exactly match your specific needs.

HVAC Services:

Your staff will be able to work productively only when the environment inside the kitchen is cozy. Customers too need to feel fresh and comfortable when they come to your restaurant. If you don’t want contaminated air to irritate people, you should always have a high-quality HVAC system installed in your kitchen. The HVAC system will replace impure air, smoke, and cooking smells with fresh air. Ventilation is a challenge that you should deal with in an effective way. Proper ventilation will boost the morale of the staff and keep guests happy.

Fire Suppression System:

Due to grease buildup, a busy and high-end restaurant has the risk of fire. The exhaust hood has to function efficiently in order to prevent the buildup of grease. If too much grease is gathered under the hood and on the cooking appliances, the risk of fire increases. That is exactly why you need professionals to install a fire suppression system.

At the Hood Builder, we offer restaurants and busy kitchens the most innovative and high-tech fire protection systems. Our high-quality products and their correct installation ensure your kitchen remains well-protected against different kinds of fire hazards. Our suppression technology is known for its swiftness to detect the origin of the fire and put an end to it before it spreads. Our aftermarket support and maintenance services will fully satisfy your expectations. By installing the systems, our goal is to keep your employees, customers, and businesses safe.

We Help You Maintain a Safe Atmosphere for Your Kitchen

While running a commercial kitchen, you are required to abide by the mandatory safety codes, as stated in the law. Our team of experts at the Hood Builder performs all the exhaust hood and HVAC installation not just to help your restaurant get rid of heat, smoke, odor, and grease but also to help you stay compliant with the fire and safety codes. Apart from installation, our range of services also includes constructing restaurants from scratch and designing the interiors in a way that is both functional as well as attractive to your customers. If you already have a unique design concept in mind, we will help you expand and realize it so as to create interiors exactly as you desire. From conceptualization and planning to the execution of the project and city approvals, our team will successfully deal with each task.

The goal of our kitchen hood and HVAC installation is to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your staff and guests. If you are looking for one of the most advanced manufacturing and engineering solutions for proper ventilation, better air quality, and effective fire suppression, you should give Hood Builders in Denver, Colorado a phone call or write us an email.

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