Does Your Commercial Kitchen Range Guard Fire Suppression System Have These 10 Must-Haves?

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The risk of fire is a danger that concerns all restaurant owners. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), cooking equipment is the leading cause of many of these blazes.

Sadly, less than half of all restaurants employ a state-of-the-art sprinkler or fire suppression system. This lack of proper equipment can turn dangerous if a blaze were ever to break out in your commercial kitchen.

To protect your restaurant and your investment, it’s important to get with the times.

You can successfully keep grease, oil, and high heat from turning into a deadly fire by installing a cutting-edge range guard fire suppression system, which is currently one of the best systems for fire protection on the market.  

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What is A Range Guard Fire Suppression System?

A range guard fire suppression system is designed to offer maximum protection during an outbreak of fire. The moment a flame or smoke is detected, specialized nozzles will begin spraying a wet chemical suppression agent all across the affected area. The nozzles are specifically-manufactured to provide wide and total coverage, which is typically enough to extinguish the fire and prevent new fires from igniting.

There is an added bonus to using a wet chemical agent as a fire suppression solution. Not only will spraying the fire put out the flame, but all the grease and fat left behind will be converted into soap, which in turn keeps those particles and flammable liquids from reigniting. The resulting soapy sludge can then be wiped away, leaving the floor slightly cleaner than it was before.

Unfortunately, not all range guards are created equal. Here are ten necessities to look for when shopping for a range guard fire suppression system to suit your needs.

10 Range Guard Must-Haves for Ultimate Fire Protection

Flexible Piping

You want a range guard system that can be customized to any application. All commercial kitchens have varying appliances and layouts. Flexible piping gives the system the ability to spray far and wide around the affected area, putting out the blaze and preventing new fires from flaring up.

Reliable Pressure Cylinder

For the wet chemical solution to be effective, the spray must be forceful enough to travel to the spot at the base of the fire. With such heavy pressure flowing through the range guard system, you’ll want to make sure that the pressure cylinders can take the abuse. Only trust your restaurant to manufacturers and installation experts who focus on quality first so that you get the best and most reliable fire suppression system money can buy.

Sturdy Valves

All aspects of the range guard should be enough to hold the system in place and ensure it acts as it should. The slightest defect or malfunctioning part can throw your range guard off, leading to dangerous consequences in case an outbreak of fire does occur. Instead, look for range guards that come highly recommended and that have proven effective in restaurant fires. Doing your due diligence will have two benefits. You’ll effectively protect your investment while ensuring your range guard’s valves hold up when it counts most.

Pressure Gauges

Some range guards come with pressure gauges and others don’t. Look for ones with gauges so that you can determine when the system is charged when the system requires equipment maintenance, and when the system is malfunctioning. You’ll want to be aware of any problems with your system before a fire has a chance to break out, and pressure gauges attached to your fire suppression system nozzles will help you do just that.

Internal Strainers

The wet chemical solution is designed to flow through the system and out through the nozzles at an incredibly rapid pace. This fast action is necessary so that the fire doesn’t burn out of control. The slightest clog or backup within your range guard fire suppression system can cost you countless seconds when every single one counts. When you only shop for range guards with internal strainers, you know you’re getting a system that has the safeguards in place to protect against clogs and backups for consistently quick fire suppression that’s ready to activate whenever needed.

Foil Bursting Discs

Foil bursting discs represent a second safeguard many of these systems have in place to prevent blockages during a wet chemical release. The discs are designed to prevent the system from over-pressurizing or otherwise malfunctioning so that you always get reliable fire suppression the moment a flame or smoke is detected.

Swivel Adapters

All aspects of your system should be customizable, once again. You should be able to install your system where you want and have it directed at areas where fire outbreaks are most likely, such as over ovens, deep fryers, and other appliances. In other words, look for systems that are designed with your specific needs in mind.


Today’s modern range guards not only act the part, but they also look the part. Range guard fire suppression systems can be designed to match your cooking equipment and other appliances, with chrome, black and other colors readily available.


Look for restaurant range guards that come with excellent reviews for your peace of mind. Take your time examining the capabilities of each system so that you know you’re getting the best fire suppression on the market. Doing so will keep fire at bay while also appeasing your local fire inspector.

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Incorporates with Your Fire Suppression System

A range guard fire suppression system doesn’t have to exist all on its own. The best range guards incorporate with your current fire suppression system, allowing fire alarms, sprinklers, and your range guard fire suppression to alert you to and eliminate fires the moment one breaks out.

Don’t trust your fire suppression needs to anyone else. When you want the best range guards on the market, Hood Builder in Denver, Colorado is the company to call.

Get a Range Guard Fire Suppression System You Can Rely On

At Hood Builder, we only offer the best, most customizable range guard fire suppression systems for your hard-earned money. Each of our range guards comes with the latest safeguards and reliable parts included and can be tailored for any commercial kitchen environment.

Need range guard fire protection that will always come through? Contact Hood Builder now for a free estimate throughout the areas of Denver.

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