Restaurant Tenant Finish Considerations and Restaurant Design Tips for First-Timers

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Restaurant Design Tips: A restaurant tenant finish can be a daunting project, especially for your very first time. 

You have leased the space, and now you need to bring your restaurant design concept to fruition. No pressure, right? 

To ensure your opening day goes off as flawlessly as you imagine, keep the following considerations in mind as you complete the restaurant tenant finish project. You will also find a series of tips for designing your restaurant build-out exactly as you prefer. 

Opening day will be here before you know it. Follow this advice, and your customers are sure to enjoy your establishment’s unveiling.

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Be aware that new restaurant construction might require you to upgrade the building’s electrical system. Have the electrical power source checked and all internal wiring tested by a qualified electrician before beginning the restaurant tenant finish process. Your landlord will be responsible for keeping the electricity is up to code. 

In addition, check all equipment to ensure optimal power. This includes walk-in coolers, range hood fans, and other components that could cost you at the meter if those parts ever turn faulty. You may need to upgrade your equipment if you do identify efficiency issues, which can add to your restaurant construction costs. 

Ventilation & Air Quality

Like most restaurants, your ventilation system is likely to take a significant bite out of your restaurant construction budget. However, a proper HVAC system is necessary to keep your air quality pure and your commercial establishment up to code. In addition to heating and air-conditioning, you will also need proper ventilation in the kitchen. Federal and local fire codes require you to keep vent hoods over all stoves, grills, and deep fryers. These hoods should have adequate fans to direct smoke and heat away from grease and oil. The hoods also trap grease to keep the fire at bay. If you have any appliances that use oil, you should have a vent hood and a fire suppression system over those components. 

General Construction Services

To ensure a quality final project, spend time looking for a highly-referred restaurant construction company that will put attention-to-detail into your restaurant’s floors, restrooms, kitchen, dining areas, business office, and staff areas. Even turnkey restaurant services may require a little upgrading, such as building ramps for those with disabilities and making doorways wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. The best company will do the job right the first time, keeping your costs to a minimum.

Plumbing Should Be Top-Notch

Never skimp on plumbing whether you are constructing a new restaurant or rebuilding an existing one. This keeps you from facing expensive backups and pipe leaks later on. In addition, you need a variety of sinks that will be used to safely prepare food and meet health department codes. A dishwasher and/or three-compartment sink is required. The three-section sink should consider a dishwashing section, a prep sink for washing produce, and a handwashing sink. A separate mop sink is also a good idea. Finally, be cognizant of your restroom facilities and bar sink, if necessary. Your layout should put your sink as close together as possible to save money on plumbing installation services. 

Restaurant Equipment

A turnkey restaurant construction project may come with all the equipment you need to cook, bake, fry, and otherwise prepare all the tasty creations your business will become known for. Keep in mind that restaurant equipment will require regular maintenance and repair, particularly after years of busy shifts. Check all equipment during the restaurant construction or renovation process to ensure maximum output. If there is any question with regards to your equipment’s reliability, have the equipment maintained or replaced as necessary. Switching out shoddy or faulty equipment could add to your costs, but energy-efficient cooking equipment will save you dividends in the long run.

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Restaurant Design Tips for First-Time Builders or Renovators

Once the restaurant is finished, next comes the overall design. This is the aesthetic environment you hope to provide to your loyal customers. Here is how to create the most ideal restaurant aura to attract crowds of patrons for years to come. 

Repurpose to Save On Costs

Depending on the aesthetic you are aiming for, look for ways you can repurpose existing features, like cement floors, ceiling beams, and rustic brickwork. These elements can add a unique design quality while saving you immensely on restaurant design expenses

Bring in the Design Experts & Leave Enough Time

Out of all commercial construction services, the design aspect can be the most complicated and time-consuming. Consider that you are bringing together the expertise of the general contractor, architect, and interior designer. With these bright minds working together, your restaurant layout and overall design are sure to come together, as long as you leave plenty of room for complications just in case. When all is said and done, the look and feel of your restaurant are sure to please, and you are sure to find the necessary seating, ventilation, and general ambiance your customers will love. 

Minimize Bad Table Locations

As a restaurant builder going at it for the first time, your objective might be to maximize your establishment’s available seating. You are required by law to keep to maximum occupancy. However, don’t just stuff seating anywhere you can while adhering to that number. Open space is something to be considered, as is minimizing any areas where table placement isn’t the best idea. Examples include directly adjacent to the restrooms or kitchen, and those situated in areas with poor ventilation. Instead, consider each table location carefully. Consider each individual’s experience by imagining yourself seated at each table, and in each seat. As you sit there, consider, is the ambiance, ventilation, and spacing worthy of a stellar review? By considering each seat that carefully, you are sure to avoid future problems that may cost you revenue and customer loyalty.

Are you prepared to complete a restaurant tenant finish and need a little help? Do you require services for a complete restaurant construction build-out or renovation? If so, Hood Builder can help. We regularly work with customers throughout Denver, Colorado, and look forward to helping you construct or renovate the best restaurant in town. Call now to receive a free quote.  

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