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Restaurant Build Up  Denver, CO – Designing and building a restaurant from scratch or from extensive demolition can be a very exciting, rewarding process. However, it is often a very stressful time. Most restaurant owners are not architects or interior designers—they are passionate food experts.

Yet, the process of creating a brand new eating establishment demands a great deal of building code knowledge and experience that only contractors experienced in restaurant building can possess. Here’s a look at how hiring the right team of contractors and designers will save your sanity, letting you concentrate on what really matters.


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They Will Find Big Problems Before It’s Too Late

If there is a serious structural problem (load-bearing wall issues, sinking foundations) or a hidden termite problem–these problems could easily go undetected. An amateur team could miss these and only discover such surprises when you are so far into the project that there may not be the money cushion to deal with them easily anymore. This is not to mention how much these things interfere with and delay construction when they are detected late in the game.
Established professionals tend to look for issues right away, before even giving you a price quote, and they remain vigilant for problems as they uncover more of the building during demolition.

Price Quotes Will be More Accurate

When you are working with a contracting team that has built out restaurant spaces before, they know exactly how much the equipment specific to restaurant kitchens costs for the size of the establishment you hope to achieve. Experts that have done this dozen of times will know exactly how much material will be necessary and how much it will cost.

Also, good restaurant designers and builders will help you to articulate your wishes for the restaurant in the drawing phase, so it will be less likely that you will feel part of your vision for space was lost in translation. This will help avoid last-minute additions to the building plan–and to your budget.

Passing Codes: They Will Design with Fire Safety, HVAC, and Ventilation in Mind

A team like the one we have at Hoodbuilder–that specializes in fire protection, HVAC, hood install and cleaning and ventilation, as well as contracting–is truly an example of a whole package for restaurant design. Companies that offer contracting services that are informed by that level of knowledge will be the ones that will ensure your restaurant or food truck will pass all building codes. This kind of contractor works with the safety and energy efficiency side of restaurants, so keeping those things in mind during the building phase will be second nature–not something that has to be looked up in a builder’s manual. It will be done right, with no delay to your opening day.

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