10 Creative Tips for Remodeling Your Restaurant

creative tips for remodelling restaurants

Remodeling your restaurant is an exciting endeavor. Here is your chance to bring your ideal vision of the perfect restaurant to life. There is a prime benefit to remodeling, as restaurants that continue to evolve are the ones that tend to remain relevant for years to come. You never want your eatery to look dated, so a remodel is an excellent idea.

Before you start tearing down walls and opening buckets of paint, here are ten tips for unleashing your creativity while remodeling your restaurant with unique verve and style. 

  1. Get Your Customers’ Input

    Restaurant owners tend to be more successful when they’re able to tap into the consciousness of their customers. What better way to get into the minds of those who keep you in business than to ask their opinion about your future restaurant remodel? Surveys and questionnaires on tabletops asking what they like about the restaurant, and what they don’t like, can give you countless ideas about how to change your restaurant layout. You can also ask for their creative input and reap untold benefits. You never know when some of your loyal patrons might offer insight into the perfect remodel to fit your vision and budget. 

  2. Get Your Staff’s Input

    Your staff members are the ones who see your restaurant every day they show up for work. Those servers and busboys, cooks, and managers might have a few ideas on how to change your seating, table positions, wall colors, and menu. You may even have a few interior decorating hopefuls working for your establishment, which can help you see your remodel concept from a fresh perspective. One way that staff can help is to identify areas where your restaurant can become more efficient, thus shortening wait times and making your restaurant more enjoyable for all future customers and their families. 

  3. Tour the Competition 

    Many businesses engage in competitive analysis to find ways to become more customer-centric while increasing profits. You are also encouraged to analyze the competition when considering a restaurant remodel project. Walk through your favorite restaurants around your area, and even some you may not care for. Identify areas where the restaurants get things right and where improvements should be made. Most of all, take lots of notes. These tidbits of information can help you form the ideal remodel in your mind, making your job of planning and completing the perfect restaurant makeover much easier. 

  4. For Bad Floors, Go Up a Level 

    Are your floors looking overly shabby? Do they need to be replaced? Switching out for your floor for a newer one is a major undertaking and can be expensive. For about the same cost, and to add an interesting element to your restaurant remodel, a better idea is to include stairs and raise your floor up a level. Doing so makes customers feel as though they are stepping up to greatness while giving your restaurant a whole new look. You are encouraged to place recessed lighting on either side of the steps to give your new remodel concept extra appeal. 

  5. Work with What You’ve Got

    Remodeling your restaurant doesn’t automatically mean that you need to go out and get all new furnishings. Consider reworking your current inventory of chairs and tables to get more from your budget. Wooden tabletops can be sanded and finished, and chairs can be reupholstered. This can get rid of scratches and signs of age while giving your restaurant an interior design you can be proud of.

  6. The Exterior of Your Restaurant Matters

    It’s easy to get caught up on the interior design of your establishment, but don’t forget about your curb appeal. Customers considering eating at your restaurant will be more enamored with the location if you put effort into landscaping. You can also paint the outside, add awnings, or an outside patio area for those who wish to dine outdoors.Interior and exterior restaurant design doesn’t have to break the bank. Once again, look for ways to rework your current inventory of furnishings, paint, and other materials to give your eatery a sleek new appearance that customers are sure to love

  7. Punch Holes in Your Roof

    Adding new lights is an excellent way to remodel on a budget. Well, there is no better light than natural sunlight. Punching holes in the roof and adding skylights is an excellent way to illuminate customer-facing areas for a rave-worthy dining experience. 

  8. Rework Your Entrance 

    First impressions matter. Aside from your curb appeal, customers are going to judge your restaurant based on your front entrance. Therefore, consider redoing your front entrance, doors, front counter, and all. Add new lights and metal finishes, colored glass, and other effects to really wow your customers as they wait to be seated. 

  9. Freshen Up Your Restrooms

    There is nothing worse than eating at a nice restaurant only to find the restrooms disgusting. Look for ways you can add ease and elegance, not to mention cleanliness, to your restroom areas. This is also an opportunity to upgrade your restroom fixtures to save on water costs.

  10. Ask a Restaurant Remodeler for Help

    Remodeling your restaurant only remains exciting when you are able to fulfill your visions while keeping to your budget. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners find themselves over their heads when they take on remodels without much experience. The restaurant remodeling experts at Hood Builder can help you keep your costs low. We can also facilitate every aspect of your remodel project, from visions and planning to finding qualified contractors and sourcing low-cost yet high-grade materials. Whether you need someone to manage your project or handle everything from the ground up, we can assist you. Contact Hood Builder in Denver, Colorado and tell us about your restaurant remodel. We can make your project a reality while keeping to your budget, guaranteed. 

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