The Benefits of Custom Restaurant Design  


For a restaurant to succeed, it is crucial to get it designed as per the specific needs of the customers and the workers. You can’t just pick any commercial kitchen design or dining area design for your restaurant. Every restaurant, cafeteria, commercial kitchen or shared kitchen has its own unique needs in terms of functionality, appearance and consistency among others. If you plan to set up a new restaurant, you should go for custom restaurant design, which means the entire design will be created to a specific order. Custom restaurant design will bring you multiple advantages and keep your business growing on a constant basis. 

If you are planning to set up a new restaurant or remodel an existing one, this article is aimed at you. Let us find out what customized restaurant design means and what benefits such a design has to offer.

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A custom restaurant design is a design developed to fulfill your exact needs on a day to day basis. This includes commercial kitchen layout and dining area design with a special focus on customer needs.

A good menu is not the only thing that will attract customers to a restaurant. Whether or not customers will keep coming to your place largely depends also on the kind of interior design you have. The whole idea of a customized design is to create an environment where your workers can work safely and comfortably and your guests can enjoy the most fantastic dining experience. In fact, the interior design of a restaurant is one of the key factors that you should use to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers and keep them returning.

The Role of Restaurant Design in Business Success

The ambiance and interiors play a pivotal role in the overall success of a restaurant. If you provide a comfortable, healthy and relaxing ambiance, customers will prefer visiting your restaurant over and over again. In fact, how your restaurant and commercial kitchen are designed will ultimately determine your business success. That is exactly why every restaurant owner should plan on developing a custom design with the help of seasoned professionals and engineers.

Unique Business Identity

A custom restaurant design helps you build a unique identity for your business. When you operate in the food service industry, one big challenge you have to constantly face is to set your business apart.

The way your restaurant is designed is a crucial part of your overall branding strategy. It is your brand that will compel customers to return. In fact, branding is more important for small restaurants and cafeterias. If your brand is unique, customers will spread the word about your business wherever they go. To effectively brand your business, you should definitely invest in custom restaurant design.

Unique Customer Experience

No matter which city you are in, you will possibly have no dearth of restaurants. But not each one of them attracts a lot of customers. These days, customers remain in constant search of new and unique dining experiences. If your restaurant is able to provide a fresh and distinctive experience, this will give customers a high level of satisfaction and enhance their experience. Your customers will visit your dining facility for a wonderful ambiance too, and not just for food. In fact, a unique restaurant interior design will become your major USP, with which you can promote your business and attract lots of customers on a regular basis.

Increase in Sales

Restaurant design plays a vital role in business success, as it has a psychological effect on the minds of customers. If customers feel great sitting and dining in your place, they will spend more time and order more food as a result. So, the design and ambiance of the restaurant will boost sales.

Better ROI

Like every other business, the goal of a restaurant business is to generate a better ROI. Having a custom design will mean you give customers an experience they will not easily forget. Visual attraction is key to impressing the target customer base and having them visit your restaurant repeatedly. A unique and visually attractive design will ultimately increase your return on investment.

To succeed in your restaurant business, you need to make sure you get your commercial kitchen and the dining area designed by expertly trained professionals and engineers. If you are in Denver, CO, reach out to Hood Builder to hire experts for designing and setting up a restaurant. The company specializes in custom restaurant design, restaurant interior design, commercial kitchen design, restaurant design-build and restaurant remodeling services.

Advantages of Custom Restaurant Design

Going for custom restaurant design gives you complete control over the design of the commercial kitchen and the dining rooms. This you choose what exactly you want to include and how you want the entire set up to look like and feel. There are several great advantages of a customized design.

Tailored to Specific Business Needs

Every restaurant is different in terms of the type of cooking it does and the type of menu it offers to customers. When you want to set up a restaurant or dining center, you need to design it on the basis of your exact needs.

You may want to open a diner, cafe, fast casual restaurant, cafeteria, pub, fast food service center etc. Each of these has its own unique needs, which must be taken into account when creating the design. Your restaurant may be small or big and may have different kinds of kitchen equipment and appliances. This is where having a customized restaurant design comes into play. This allows you to get the facility set up in a way that fulfills your specific business needs.

Functionality and Efficiency

When you build a restaurant, one of the most important features you want is increased functionality and efficiency. Whether it is the commercial kitchen or the dining rooms, a restaurant needs to be functional for the fast and easy circulation and movement of the employees and the visitors. A custom restaurant design ensures the entire facility will help the staff move easily from one area to another and make it easy for the customers to find their way inside the facility.

Brand Recognition

A restaurant should be designed in a way that highlights certain key attributes. It is by these attributes that customers will recognize your brand amidst a host of other similar restaurants. A custom design is a surefire way to create those visual cues that will help strengthen your overall brand strategy.

Customer Loyalty

One of the key advantages of customized restaurant or dining facility design is customer loyalty. It is through custom design that you will be able to set your business apart and develop an emotional attachment with the customers. This ongoing connection between you and your customers will prove to be a key driver in increasing your bottom line and achieving business growth. 

If you have a question about customized restaurant interior design and its advantages, feel free to reach out to us at Hood Builder in Denver, CO. One of our experts will answer your questions and explain why you should use our restaurant design services for constructing your new restaurant.

Key Components of Custom Restaurant Design

Setting up a restaurant and commercial kitchen is a task that requires a high level of expertise. Two main challenges for engineers are: a) create a design as per your exact business needs and b) differentiate the design from others in your city. You need to hire seasoned professionals to carry out the entire project right from concept development to delivering it on the ground. 

Concept Development

Experts will first develop a unique concept for designing and building a restaurant as per your specific requirements. At this stage, engineers need to conduct an extensive research to understand the demands of the market and the level of competition in your field. The concept has to be new, refreshing and unique, but it has to be profitable at the same time. Once you have a unique concept, the planning for the design will begin in a step-by-step procedure.


A good restaurant layout is that which delivers functionality. Inside a restaurant, the movement of staff and guests should be quick and easy. If movement is uninterrupted and free, the day-to-day operations will be smooth. As a result, all the work will be done very fast. That is exactly what layout creation needs to achieve; maximum function for every area of the restaurant.

Furniture and Decor

It is not enough to select and set up furniture to match the overall theme of restaurant design. In fact, the selection and arrangement of furniture should focus on providing maximum comfort to guests. Each piece of furniture and accessory that you choose should be done as per the plan. These requirements will vary, depending on exactly what type of restaurant you are building.


The interior design of a restaurant or cafeteria can never be complete without proper lighting arrangement. That is why lighting design is an extremely important component of the overall design planning process.

Through lighting, you will be able to enhance the overall ambiance and theme of your restaurant. Thanks to the evolution of new technologies, it has now become easy to control and manage changing light colors and dimming with the use of software and applications. The lighting planning should be done in a careful manner in order to provide adequate illumination for the dining area and create a visual appeal to please guests. Experts make the right use of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, cylinders and other light fixtures to enhance visual appeal.

To find out more about restaurant lighting design, feel free to talk to one of our expert designers at Hood Builder in Denver, CO.

Working with a Restaurant Design Professional

Expertly planned and designed restaurant interiors contribute to business success and increase the bottomline. Right from conducting market research and understanding the current market trends to executing the strategic plan in a correct manner, custom restaurant design takes a lot of expertise and experience. If you plan to design a new restaurant or remodel an existing one, you should always rely on highly trained and seasoned professionals and engineers. Since building a restaurant is a big investment, you cannot use amateurs for this job.

Professional restaurant designers are highly trained and fully well-versed with every step of the process. They will first assess your exact needs and then create a blueprint for the design. Most importantly, they will outline the entire design process with complete details for clarity and transparency. 

Professionals will always work as per the planned design and deliver the best results within the given timeframe. Effective and transparent communication with clients is an essential part of their working procedure.

Custom Restaurant Design Case Studies

When working with restaurant design professionals, you will be able to go through the examples of successful past projects. You will come to know about the unique features and benefits of each project. These case studies will help you have a crystal-clear view of how a custom restaurant design process works and what kind of approach and methods professionals apply for success. 

If you are getting your restaurant remodeled, professional designers will provide you with a detailed report which includes the comparison between the before and after functionality and look of the restaurant space.

At Hood Builder, we always provide past case studies of successful restaurant design projects to every client we work with.  

Talk to a Restaurant Design Professional

Customized design is key to setting your restaurant apart from others and establishing a successful business. Whether you plan to set up a new restaurant, cafeteria or dining center or remodel an existing facility, reach out to Hood Builder in Denver, CO, for expert restaurant design services. Our custom restaurant design services include restaurant interior design, restaurant construction services, restaurant kitchen design, restaurant furniture and decor, restaurant lighting and flooring installation as well as the commercial kitchen equipment installation.

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