4 Things to Look for in a Restaurant Remodeling Contractor

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Remodeling your restaurant requires you to find trained and experienced contractors to do all the heavy lifting. Even minor remodeling projects will require the expertise and input from tenured professionals. Want to add a new addition to your building or expand the dining room? A professional contractor will know how to complete those projects to your ultimate satisfaction while adhering to your timetable and budget. 

Here are four things you should look for when hiring a restaurant remodeling professional by our restaurant remodeling experts in Denver, Colorado. 



1- A Solid Track Record Working with Similar Restaurants

You would be best served finding a restaurant remodeling contractor who has worked on restaurants with your volume and type of clientele. This type of contractor will know what budget you are working with and will be familiar with all building and safety codes. Ideally, you will also look for a contractor who is familiar with the type of remodeling you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a complete transformation or you merely wish to expand your dining and kitchen areas, there is a contractor out there who has expertise in the very remodeling project you envision. 


2- Has Relationships with the Best Remodeling Professionals in the Business

Your remodeling project will involve more than just the contractor you hire. You will need an architect to plan your remodel and to ensure the layout you have in mind is feasible. You may need an electrician if you want to upgrade your electrical system or lighting in any way. You could require an interior designer, a landscape artist, and a dozen others. Instead of hiring all of these professionals piece-meal, you can run a more efficient operation by gathering your team based on your contractor’s recommendations. 

A restaurant remodeling contractor who has worked with businesses like yours likely has a black book filled with contacts who can bring your project to fruition. The contractor’s word of mouth can be considered gold because these individuals are likely skilled and able to make any project plan a reality. You could even say that finding the perfect remodeling contractor is akin to hiring an entire restaurant remodeling team in one individual, as long as the professional you choose has the contacts you need. 


3- Knows How to Stick to a Timetable and Budget

A restaurant remodel is no small feat. Even minor reconfigurations can go hopelessly beyond your original schedule and budget. For that reason, you want to look for restaurant contractors who are known for delivering according to schedule while adhering to the required budget. 

For the professional to be worthy of your time, you will want to look for a restaurant remodeling contractor who is recommended because of his or her ability to deliver by the intended deadline. Many online platforms these days, like Angie’s List, allow customers to leave reviews for contractors all over the country. Read these reviews and pay attention to terms like “on schedule” and “by the deadline” or “right on time.” These are the contractors who will give you the speediness you want without cutting unnecessary corners.

For budgetary concerns, and just like you want a contractor who has a speed-dial list filled with other remodeling professionals, look for a contractor who has contacts with building material manufacturers and distributors. This type of restaurant contractor can save you loads in material and delivery costs. When you consider that your project will go according to plan and that you’ll save to boot, you can see how your choice of contractor can matter significantly.

Finding both a contractor skilled at efficient design and one who can save you when remodeling your restaurant can save you money and headaches later on and is highly recommended for restaurant owners who want their projects going off without a hitch. 


4- Considers Your Ideas While Guiding the Ideal Restaurant Remodel

Even if you have no experience with remodeling a restaurant, you likely have a vision for how you want the project to go. You may have pictures in your mind of how the finished product should look, right down to the colors of the walls, lighting fixtures, and reconfigured bar, or whatever else you have in mind. Some of these ideas will be feasible, and some won’t; that’s just how it goes when you set out to plan a remodel with no actual concept of how the finished product is made.

A restaurant remodeling contractor has been there, done that. He or she knows how to plan the perfect layout for maximum seating and business. A professional worthy of your money know how to dress up your exterior and how to infuse stellar interior design so that customers become amazed and curious, forcing them to return again and again. This kind of foresight in design and restaurant reconstruction can only come from years of hands-on experience, and that is the type of professional you should be considering.

This level of the contractor will take your considerations and let you know if they will work or not. The professional you choose may even be able to take your ideas and make them better, amazing you with a finished product you never knew could be possible. 

Along with experience, look for a restaurant contractor who has good ideas for your restaurant right off the bat. This person should have a portfolio of restaurants just like yours that was remodeled in a similar way, and that has a finished product that makes you excited to break new ground on your business.


All of the above sounds ideal but hold the phone before you hire a contractor you suspect is the one you want. Here are a few points you will want to consider when selecting a professional for your restaurant remodeling needs. 

Don’t Always Go with the Lowest Bid

Some contractors are going to drop their bids in an effort to get hired. Don’t fall for this trap without checking all of the professional’s other credentials, contacts, and experience. 

Look at the Contractor’s Portfolio

When considering a restaurant contractor, don’t just take the professional’s word for it that he or she has worked with other restaurants similar to yours. Ask for proof, as in pictures or videos of the finished products, so that you can be assured that your project will go over as planned.

Ask Plenty of Questions Before Hiring

Ask the contractor you are considering about their contact list and if they have access to a skilled architect, interior designer, and other remodeling professionals. Ask about how the contractor keeps to a schedule and adheres to budgetary concerns, and how many ideas the individual has for your specific business. 

Request Client Referrals and Call Them

Once again, don’t just take the contractor’s word when he or she claims to have worked with other restaurant owners like you. Ask for those business owners’ contact information, but actually follow through. Too many people collect referrals from prospective contractors and then don’t call. The thinking is that the professional gave you the information; it must be legit. However, only by calling can you ask questions and get a better understanding of how the contractor works before going through the hiring process.  

Get Confirmation of Licensing and Insurance

The contractor you hire should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Don’t just accept that the contractor has this information, but actually ask for proof. When checking licensing and insurance, make sure you check the dates so that you can confirm the documents are not expired or reaching expiration. 

Ask About Zoning and Safety

Find out about the last time the contractor has had to deal with zoning issues and safety concerns. Have a few scenarios handy, such as if an expansion goes against zoning laws or if the professional is aware of fire safety laws and how they can affect a restaurant remodel. A contractor worthy of your money will be able to rattle off facts and satisfy your questions with knowledge of all federal and local laws that may apply.


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When you have a restaurant remodel in mind, you deserve the services of a contractor who has your best interests in mind. We have professionals who have worked on restaurants just like yours and who have extensive contacts as far as gathering a remodeling team worthy of your schedule and budget. We can provide customer referrals who are sure to sing our praises because we get the job done to your specifications every time. 

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    It’s been a decade since I last renovated the restaurant, and in order to keep abreast, I’ve been planning to employ a remodeler. However, I’m not sure how to find a decent contractor. I discovered your blog when researching. Now I understand that I must choose a company that has valid insurance and is licensed, and I must also obtain proof of these so that I can be confident in them. This is critical since I would not like to be liable for any damage that may occur throughout the remodeling process. Thank you for the suggestion.

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