The Vital Importance of Clean Agents for Commercial Kitchen

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Denver, CO – Disaster can strike at any time without warning. That’s the reason why fire protection supplies form an essential part of any office or Commercial Kitchen and restaurants. While most offices have fire extinguishers in place, upgrading your protection supplies is an investment that is never in vain. Offices have sensitive equipment and other valuables that are costly to lose in a fire. But what happens when the fire protection system itself does more harm than good?

Yes, believe it or not, chemical fire protection systems can often cause more damage to the things that they are supposed to protect. The uncertainty that comes with these systems has led to the development of a new and innovative fire protection solution—clean agents.

What Is A Clean Agent Fire Protection System?

A clean agent system is a fire protection solution that is completely waterless and activates immediately upon sensing a fire. The most important feature of this system is that it leaves no watery or oily residue behind to damage priceless assets.

Before you decide to install the clean agent fire protection system in your home or office, you must be familiar with its mechanism. Clean agents use a gaseous substance to put out fires. Some of the approved clean agents are CO2 or FM-200.

When this system is installed in an establishment, cylinders containing the clean agent are stored in a protected space, and connected to the entire building through the use of special pipes.

When there is an indication of a fire, electronic signals are sent to the cylinders that release the clean agent only into space where smoke or fire has been detected. This advanced fire protection system usually responds in less than ten seconds, and also has the ability to close doors and vents to prevent the fire from spreading. The clean agent works by depleting the oxygen content to kill the fire.

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Benefits of Clean Agents

There are several benefits of a clean agent fire protection system, as compared to water or other fire extinguishing agents. Some of these are:

Fast: Most fire protection services choose clean agent systems because they are faster than other fire extinguishing methods. The system is built to reach the fire in ten seconds or less.

Safe: Clean agents are non-conductive and safe to use around electronics and electrical equipment. This system is not hazardous and also safe to use around humans.

No Residue: For the commercial kitchen, clean agents are a non-messy alternative to other fire protection systems. They don’t leave any residue behind, and the gas they produce evaporates to leave food preparation areas clean.

Simple to install: No matter how small your commercial space, clean agent systems are easy to install, and the cylinders are small enough to store safely and conveniently.

Eco-Friendly: Since these gaseous substances don’t leave any residue behind, they are safe for the environment too, with ozone-depleting potential.

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