Food Truck Equipment Installation | Hood Builder | Denver, CO

Food Truck Equipment Installation | Hood Builder | Denver, CO

As a continuation of the long past, the food truck business is now a trend and here to stay for a long time. If you plan to start a food service business that allows you access to multiple locations at a time, setting up a food truck is quite a viable option. Have you seen the equipment design of a commercial kitchen? The kitchen in a food truck or trailer works quite a lot in the same manner. However, all the equipment in a food truck kitchen needs modification. Unless you have experience in how mobile kitchens in motorized vehicles work, you will have a hard time as well as make mistakes completing the entire procedure on your own. 

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With a professional food truck equipment installer, the entire procedure of setting up the mobile kitchen will become easier. Plus, everything will be carried out in a professional manner for maximum functionality.

What Equipment You Will Need for the Mobile Kitchen

After you have purchased a food truck, the next challenge is to put together all the equipment you will need for food preparation. Since a food truck has limited space, the trick is to use your creativity for the proper arrangement of all the cooking equipment and supplies in the mobile kitchen.

Setting up a food truck or trailer is not going to be easy, particularly if it is the first time you are starting such a business. Most of all, you will need to invest in the right kind and quality of equipment. For business success, the selection of the correct equipment is of utmost importance. If you end up filling your food truck with incorrect or low-quality equipment, it will ultimately have a toll on your business and one issue after another will keep arising in the future.

Given below is a list of all the different types of equipment you will need to install in your food truck or food trailer:

Cooking Equipment

The essential equipment you will need for cooking include griddles, grills, range, microwave, charbroiler, toaster, fryer, cheese melter, etc. You will also need to install a food truck hood for the removal of grease vapors. If the grease vapor is not removed from the mobile kitchen, it can cause fire risks.

Warming and Holding Equipment

Food truck warmers are installed to avoid the risk of food-borne illnesses as well as comply with the local health codes. Holding equipment is used to keep food items at pleasant temperatures for customers. In a food truck, the installation of both the equipment should be done properly.

Food Prep Equipment

Food prep equipment refers to the whole setup of tools that will be required to prepare food either for cooking or serving. This means the items you need will depend on what different food items and dishes you will make. Create your menu in advance, so that it is clear what you will actually need. Examples include work tables, knife racks, frying pans, turners, food processors, etc.

Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration equipment is the part and parcel of the overall equipment installation in your food truck or catering trailer. Since different food items need different levels of refrigeration, you will need to get more than just one refrigerator installed in the truck. Also, you will need to install high quality refrigeration equipment, customized as per the size and needs of your food trailer.

Food truck supplies

If you are short of serving supplies in the food truck, you will need to call it a day. Food serving trays, utensils, cups, squeeze bottles, dinnerware, take-out containers, food wrap, disposable gloves and the like will need to be stocked in adequate quantities. Most of all, your small food trailer will need to have storage space available to store all the food serving supplies.

Janitorial equipment

The environment inside the food truck must be kept neat and clean. So, all the janitor equipment will need to be installed in a proper manner. Unless you maintain a properly clean food trailer, people will hesitate to buy food items from you. A clean environment will also comply with health codes.

The mobile kitchen in a truck needs to be outfitted with all the equipment, which makes cooking, food preparation, storage, and serving hassle-free. Most of the equipment will need proper modification for a perfect fit.

The size of a food truck is much smaller than that of a commercial restaurant kitchen. This means every bit of the space available in the truck needs to be utilized in a proper manner. At Hood Builder, we specialize in building food trucks of various dimensions and sizes. Our expert builders plan out the entire project with great detail and precision to deliver the best results. With our help, you will make sure that all the equipment installation is carried out correctly.

Food Truck Health and Safety

A food truck operates like a small commercial kitchen, from where the staff serves food items to customers. Whether it is the staff or customers, you need to ensure the health and safety of everyone. 

When setting up a food truck or catering trailer, you will need to adhere to the health and safety guidelines, as stated by law. If the installation violates these local regulations, you will fail fire safety inspection. With the help of professionals, you will make sure that all fire and safety guidelines are properly met so as to avoid the risk of fire hazards and ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Before you can start your food service operation, you will need to apply for a food truck license or permit. The license will be given only when your food truck along with all the cooking and food preparation equipment clears the inspection. The details of the food truck inspection may vary from one area to another. To make acquiring a license easy, you should reach out to the licensing agency in your area. This will help you keep the design of your food truck on the track. Even if you plan to rent a separate space to set up a commercial kitchen for the food truck, you will need clearance from the local health officials in the state. However, it is usually prohibited to cook somewhere else and then serve the cooked food from a truck.

Hire a Professional Food Truck Builder

Whether you are going to build a food trailer from scratch or modify an existing food truck, the help of experts will be required. Setting up a food truck while installing all the equipment properly and paying careful attention to every detail is a complex task. You should, therefore, seek the help of an experienced food truck builder or manufacturer to design an ideal mobile kitchen.

Professionals who build and design mobile food trucks carry mechanical experience or engineering background. They understand how the dimension and size of a truck play a key role in equipment installation.

At Hood Builder, we specialize in building all types and sizes of food trucks or mobile restaurants. If you are planning to set up a mobile kitchen, you should reach out to one of our specialists. From design and layout to kitchen setup and fire suppression system installation, our experts will complete every task with a high level of precision while adhering to health and safety guidelines. All the equipment we use and install is of top-notch quality, built to deliver the best results. Our professionals have designed hundreds of food trucks in Denver, CO.

Talk to a Food Truck Design Specialist

You must have seen a number of food trucks in your area. However, not all food trucks that you come across have a perfect design. Due to incorrect design or poor quality equipment installation, many food trucks face breakdowns on a regular basis. If you plan to build a food truck that offers the functionality and efficiency of a restaurant kitchen, you should head straight to Hood Builder in Denver, Colorado. Our company has several years of experience and specialization in building food trucks with all the equipment correctly installed. We manufacture food trucks as well as have fully-loaded mobile food trailers and trucks for sale.

To schedule your free consultation with one of our specialists, you can either call our phone number or write us an email.

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